Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hearthstone: First World Control Warrior Problems!!!

I have played Hearthstone ever since it was officially released (didn't play in beta stages). I have a completely free-to-play account and my problem was typical like any other f2p account. Not enough cards! Don't get me wrong, I still don't have enough cards (still no Ancient of Lores for example or Doomhammer so I can't even play other classes to their fullest potential). I am a player who got Nozdormu as her first legendary and didn't get anything else for at least 3-4 months until I somehow managed to gather 1600 dust for Ragnaros! My first ever legendary that I could finally put into some use. (Mine doesn't snipe like Amaz's by the way... so not even sure if he's that useful!!)

However, after a lot of blood and sweat alongside a massive amount of time put into the game, I finally manage to get together a good Control Warrior deck. I am still missing some legendaries such as Ysera, Black Knight, Hogger, Harrison Jones and Baron Geddon for different Control Warrior variations; however, I have most of the legendaries required for the deck from Ragnaros to Sylvanas, Alexstrazsa, Cairne and last but not least Grommash (not counting Loatheb).

I got these cards strictly from a free-to-play account and I've never spent any dime on the game. Now this post isn't about me finally being able to play Control Warrior, because I've already been doing that for a couple of months now (Only I crafted Alex about a week ago). The purpose of this post is; to talk about me not predicting this day would ever come. I don't even know whether to be happy or not. Check the screenshot below to see what I am trying to talk about:

Don't mock my low rank, I only play the game to do dailies. Warrior is the only class I play in ranked and I don't even play that if the daily quest doesn't involve Warrior.
If you didn't understand what I am trying to tell you by looking at the picture, let me elaborate a little bit. And here comes the first world Warrior problems so beware! TOO MANY LEGENDARIES. Hey, I live in a 3rd world country so I should at least have the right to complain about first world problems I encounter even if it's in a game, as it kind of makes me feel better about the whole thing :D

You can see my starting hand in that game. Against a Shaman too out of all other classes. Warrior is already at a big disadvantage against a Shaman and even if I had a flicker of hope, could you ever imagine me getting out of this game alive with that starting hand? Loatheb, Cairne, Grommash, Ragnaros and Sylvanas. Alexstrazsa is the only legendary I am missing in my hand! I never thought I would have problems in the game due to a hand filled with incredibly expensive legendaries. By the way, here is the shocker, I DID lose the game! :) Pretty horribly too by turn 8-9 cause Shaman had Hex, Earth Shock and what not by the time I could play something on my board. It was brutal. Not even Brawl to somehow reset the board. All my legendaries were in my hand but Brawl, the most useful card against a Shaman was most likely at the bottom of my deck :D

Now, I am not complaining or whining here. Bad starting hands happen, this is a card game after all. I just never thought I would encounter problems in the game due to having too many legendaries so I just wanted to share this with you. As I said before, I am not even sure whether to be happy about this or not but I am chuffed that I can finally play Control Warrior despite still missing a couple of cards. It is a very entertaining deck and I really enjoy heavily controlled games. Brainless Zoo or Huntards aren't for me! At least I get to have first world problems with Control Warrior as well! :) Something I will NEVER have in my real life!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Marley & Me Sequel?? Really??

Marley & Me, released in 2008 and starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is getting a sequel. The project is picked up by NBC alongside writer Jenny Bricks and director (also director of the original movie) David Frankel.

Let's remind ourselves a little bit about the plot of this heartbreaking movie (no spoilers, I promise). Marley & Me, based on a book written by John Grogan tells the story of Marley, a very spoiled and naughty dog that manages to find a place in the hearts of our main characters played by Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Just like any other dog does, right? Doesn't matter what furniture they tear apart, we will love them no matter what!

Now this movie has a special place in my heart in that I have never EVER cried this much at a movie before. I don't even cry at movies, I just don't find any of them "tear worthy"; however, Marley & Me made me cry worse than a baby in its last 30 minutes, making it one of the worst movie viewing experiences in my entire life. The movie broke my heart so much that when I decided to rewatch it with a friend at university, I said I'd leave and not watch the last 30 minutes again. Of course she didn't really understand why. Although, 30 minutes later she knocked on my door filled with tears just to curse at me for making her watch that.

Now this movie was completely about the heartwarming story of Marley. Now why would you go on and do a sequel? What is the point? Make a whole new movie, just don't call it a sequel!

In this "sequel",  apparently our main characters will encounter a new dog a couple of years after their experience with Marley and the story will take place from there. I will watch it for sure but I just don't want Marley & Me to be one of those MANY movies that were completely ruined by sequels because the original movie was simply brilliant! 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hearthstone Android and iPhone Mobile Apps Set for Early 2015!

Blizzard finally made a statement about the highly anticipated mobile release of their popular card game Hearthstone. With the game being released on iPad shortly after its official release, us fans were waiting patiently for an official word on when to expect the game on Android tablets/phones and iPhones. Well, of course we already had word and it was the usual "soon" but the new statement from Blizzard sheds some light on the expected release dates.

There is still not an exact date set for the release of Hearthstone Mobile App; however, considering the new information Blizzard has released, we finally know that the mobile app will most likely be available early in 2015. As for Android tablets, we can expect the release before the end of this year.

Here is the official Blizzard post on the subject,

"Throughout the past year, many of you have been asking about the release date for Hearthstone on Android. The team has been hard at work to bring Hearthstone to that platform, and is making great progress. We’re taking things one step at a time and we’ve got our sights set on a release for Android tablets, our next new platform, before the end of the year; we’ve just got a few more mana crystals to polish and some Angry Chickens to chase down.

We’re also close to having Hearthstone out to our iPhone and Android phone users, but it’s become clear that we need a little more time to get that version right. While we have a build up and running internally, it needs a bit more work, and we don’t feel like we’ll be ready to share it with you until early next year. It’s very important to us that the phone experience for Hearthstone is just as accessible as the tablet and PC versions. One of the biggest challenges with that is revamping the user interface so it feels intuitive and offers the same quality Hearthstone experience, but this time from the palm of your hand.

Releasing Hearthstone on iPhone and Android phones is something we’re incredibly excited about, but ultimately we’d rather take the extra time to make Hearthstone’s user interface on the phone customized to feel great for the platform, rather than a port that doesn’t take into account the limitations of a smaller screen."

With the Blizzcon right around the corner, I wonder if Blizzard will tease the fans with a demonstration of the upcoming Hearthstone mobile apps. Although, I am really hoping that we will get to see some of the new cards that will be released with the upcoming 100 card expansion. Until then, happy laddering!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Telltale Confirms The Walking Dead Season 3!!!

Don't worry, as much as I want to, this post will not contain any spoilers from the season 2 of the emotional adventure game The Walking Dead. However, after a variety of completely heartbreaking ends to its latest season (there are at least 5-6 different endings), I've been wondering whether there would be a new season due to the nature of these endings. 

Well my question has been answered by Telltale's co-founder Kevin Bruner who confirmed the third season of The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic Con! 

However, there is one key detail left out. Telltale didn't say anything about the recurrence of Clementine. Simply put, we don't know if Clementine will make a comeback in Season 3. So we might continue the story with either Clementine or a brand new character. Telltale also didn't give us a time frame as to the release date of the new season. So, basically we don't know anything except that there WILL BE a Season 3.

I guess even that information is enough for us to go on, eh? :)

Until then, make sure to complete The Walking Dead Season 2 with all its different endings. They all are really heartbreaking and deeply emotional...

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Plants vs Zombies 2 It's About Time Gets Big Wave Beach Update!!

Hello again! I've got some great news for Plants vs Zombies 2 fans out there. After the Dark Ages, another brand new world has finally been released with an update!

This new world, dubbed Big Wave Beach, also has a new theme. As you can understand from the title, the theme is water! This also means we will get back our Lily Pads alongside some brand new plants and more zombie types mashed together with a unique gameplay experience. My most favourite levels in Plants vs Zombies involved the pool so I am quite excited about this update!

I am afraid; though, Big Wave Beach currently doesn't have as many new types of plants or zombies as the other updates, however, there are some zombies busy with construction work at the end of the world. So this hints at more levels coming up which would ultimately mean more new zombies and plants!

There are currently 19 levels in Big Wave Beach. In order to unlock the Big Wave Beach world you need to get a World Key or pay actual money. You can get the World Key from Day 8 of Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Wild West or Far Future, or Night 10 of Dark Ages.

There is also a shadowed 7th world right next to Big Wave Beach. Considering the original game, we got our dark and pool levels in PvZ 2 so maybe the next world could involve the roof and we'd get back our flower pots? Or maybe it could involve fog? I don't know but no matter what they decide to bring back, I will be waiting here filled with excitement!

Enjoy smashing some zombie brains plant lovers! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dawn of the Aspects Review: Meet Galakrond!

Most of the World of Warcraft players have seen the gigantic bones located in Galakrond's Rest, Dragonblight, Northrend. I am certain that a lot of you have wondered about the fate and story of this behemoth. I know I have. Seeing those huge bones made me wonder about this dragon as it looked immortal to me and I couldn't grasp how he could ever be defeated.

Well, if you still haven't researched this dragon, I have good news because I've got just the book for you. Richard A. Knaak, New York Times Bestselling Author, who is mostly known for his fantastic Warcraft lore books, is rewarding us with, yet another great volume consisting of 5 short e-books, telling us the story of this mighty Galakrond and how he was defeated by five Proto-Dragons, the dragons that we know so well and came to either love or hate. Of course I am talking about; Alexstrazsa, Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos and Neltharion long before they gained their powers as Aspects. 

Dawn of the Aspects takes us back to a time when the skies were ruled by a mighty behemoth, Father of Dragons, called Galakrond who terrorized everything to become the only true power. He possessed a great threat to the survival of the dragons as his aim was to consume them to allow himself to mutate into an even more horrific beast. He seemed unstoppable up until our five Proto-Dragons decided to take the matter into their own hands or claws to more exact.

The story starts with our current Aspect of Magic, Kalecgos, when he finds a powerful magical item hidden inside the bones of Galakrond located in Dragonblight. Unaware of its true purpose and origin, he takes the item back to Nexus where he resides in. This item links his mind with the physical body of Malygos, the previous Aspect of Magic. From time to time Kalecgos is brought back in time by this item, to witness the events taking place between our future five Aspects and Galakrond through the eyes of Malygos.

Dawn of the Aspects consumes the reader thanks to its flowing nature of how the story unfolds. You will find yourself unable to sleep most of the time because you won't be able to rest until you know what happens next. This is an experience I go through whenever I read Warcraft lore but after the War of Ancients Trilogy, which is consisted of my most favourite Warcraft books ever, Dawn of the Aspects is the first Warcraft book to take this feeling to a next level. There is one thing I know for sure; Richard A. Knaak is a genius and a master when it comes to storytelling.

I am afraid; though, just like almost any other Warcraft lore book (with the exception of War of the Ancients Trilogy), Dawn of the Aspects is also too short. I can never get enough of these books and I hate it when I can finish them off within 2-3 sittings. But don't worry as the experience is definitely worth it! Don't forget that you will also have a new appreciation for our dear Aspects :)

If you are interested in the lore of the dragons (who isn't anyway?), Dawn of the Aspects is just the book for you. It gives background information on our beloved Aspects who were only Proto-Dragons at the time (not true dragons) before they earned their powers that allowed them to become Aspects. You will witness the terror of these dragons who put in a great deal of effort into trying to save their lives and lands from the horrific grasp of Galakrond and put a final end to him.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Among The Sleep Review: A Mother's Lullaby has Never Sounded More Creepy!

You start your day with endless love from your mother who is preparing a delicious cake for your birthday. You are two years old now. You enjoy your tasty cake while making some cute coo sounds and then anxiously wait to see what your mum got you as a present. Your mum takes you into her loving embrace to bring you back to your beautifully decorated room where she will finally give you the present. Before she gets a chance to open up the box she has to go downstairs for a minute so she leaves you alone inside your playground safely secured with bars and filled with toys. Your unopened present is waiting for you just outside of it, sitting on a table by the door.

As the anticipation grows, it becomes impossible for you to wait for your mum to come back. You have to open the gift now! So you start exploring your room to break free of the bars. You finally reach the box only to find it empty! Disappointed, you go back to your exploration. You can not give up! It has to be somewhere, the damn thing can't vanish into thin air now can it? And you finally find what you are looking for hiding in your toys chest to surprise you.

You meet your gift, Teddy, a teddy bear (obviously) who will become your best friend throughout the entire journey that is about to come. You explore your room a bit more with Teddy before your mum comes back to tuck you in bed. It is time to sleep now. It has been such a lovely day for you and you really love your birthday present. As a tiny two year old in this gigantic world, you don't feel alone anymore.

Everything so far seems completely normal and really sweet in Among The Sleep, a first person horror adventure game developed by Krillbite Studio after successfully reaching and even exceeding its $200.000 goal on Kickstarter.

However, after you wake up in the middle of the night you realise that everything has changed and nothing is ordinary anymore. All the nightmares and terrors of childhood become your reality as you search desperately for your mother who mysteriously disappeared sometime during the night.

This new reality you have just found yourself in, will welcome you willingly with a plethora of creepy noises, creaks, glasses shattering, plates breaking, doors opening by themselves, lights flickering, yellow eyes staring at you from the shadows... and darkness. Heavy, bitter darkness that does anything it can to consume the innocence of a two year old child and feed on his fear. While hugging Teddy will provide some small source of light, it will not be enough to rid you of the horror that is surging through you. The only hope you can find is in your mother's beautiful voice, singing you a lullaby from time to time motivating you even more to find her. Let's also not forget, monsters! The monsters that every two year old believe are hiding under their beds or inside their closets... The same monsters the parents tell their children that don't exist, do indeed exist in Among The Sleep.

You will find yourself in various locations from creepy playgrounds and daunting forests to living rooms and studies full of horrific creatures where your bravery will be put to the test. You must use your little body to take advantage of objects to remain hidden from these monsters. There are a lot of objects at your disposal for this purpose. You can hide under beds, bookshelves, tables; inside logs, cupboards etc... These monsters will vanish after strolling around a little bit. But then they will return again. You will never know when you are truly safe. You won't know if that's even a possibility as the constant, endless creepy noises you hear throughout the entire game will make you feel like you are being watched and followed wherever you go.

The puzzles are fairly easy to solve in Among The Sleep. The game is mainly about finding the objects to progress further into the story. The objects you find will bring you closer to the memories you shared with your mum. The memories you collect will open up new locations. As you collect more memories, you will note that you will hear your mum's voice more clearly. When you collect all the memories, you will see one of the most shocking endings you will ever witness from a video game which will completely change the perspective of your overall experience during the time you played Among The Sleep. It's an ending unlike I have ever seen in a video game before. It was stunning!

The surroundings are not very vast so you won't have to spend more than 20-30 minutes in one location. It is also very difficult to get lost as most of the time there aren't multiple directions to take. For example; in your house, which is the starting location, most doors can't be opened so you can't access other rooms. There is only one way. This would be my only complaint about Among The Sleep. I would have preferred more places to explore and larger surroundings as this is an adventure game after all.   

What I really loved about Among The Sleep though, is the small touches the developers added in order to capture the essence of a scared two year old child. Hugging Teddy to provide light or covering your eyes with your hands when you press ESC... Not to mention that you will be crawling almost the entire game as you can't expect to press Shift and sprint with 2 legs. You are two years old, remember? You can walk but don't expect to win a race against a turtle. Personally, these very little details have made the game even more enjoyable for me.

I will be honest, I didn't expect to enjoy Among The Sleep this much. It is a fairly short game and you can finish it after about 3-4 hours but the experience it provides is something worth living. It is definitely not the scariest game out there. It can't even be compared to other horror games like Outlast or Amnesia. But the background of Among The Sleep, helps the game provide one of the most unique horror gaming experiences out there. Going through such a horrific experience through the eyes of a two year old child who just wants to find his mum... I think this alone can be one of the scariest things in the world when you think about it. Closing your eyes will not be enough either because sometimes you have to find the courage to face your fears. Also, don't forget to bring your favourite plushie. Last but not least, be prepared for the ending!!!