Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Working as Intended, Another Typical Launch Day for Blizzard!

Hello everyone. You must be wondering what the hell I am doing on my blog instead of playing Curse of Naxxramas. I mean it has just been launched 2 hours ago or something right? Well let me tell you why; EU servers are down like they always are on launch days of Blizzard titles. However, very few EU players who were lucky enough to get through to the main menu now have to face further problems from crashes to freezes and not to mention endless lags. In short, the game is currently unplayable for us.

All the money Blizzard makes, one would at least expect them to stop neglecting the EU servers for once but no, it is the step child here. Nothing happens on NA or Asia servers, they are perfectly fine on any given launch day; however, things take a turn for the much worse for us on EU servers. We need more love Blizzard!

After clearing the Arachnid Quarter on normal mode and completing the rogue and druid class challenges (hardly due to lags, a lot of crashes and freezes), I started trying out some heroics but well the game decided to become completely inaccessible. Right now I have been stuck on main screen for about 45 minutes. Instead of trying out the game myself, I have to make do with watching other people play the game on their streams. How wonderful.

So yea, I can't do anything else so I thought to myself; "Why not rant about it on my blog?" so I came here to do just that! If you are one of the lucky ones to be playing the game at the moment, I envy you. Please enjoy the game. Someone has to anyway right? Meanwhile millions of us EU players will keep on watching streams because there is nothing else to do.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

FX Renews Fargo!!!!!!!!!

Fargo, one of the best things that happened to TV alongside Breaking Bad and The Wire, is picked up for a second season by FX. The new season will have brand new characters with a whole new cast and the new season is set to begin in Fall 2015. The story will take place in a new time period and it's supposed to be based on a different true crime. Although, I am questioning whether it was a right decision to renew this fantastic miniseries. Why? I didn't even think it needed renewing, did you?

Well, Fargo has definitely earned its place among the hallmarks of television. It was top notch in acting, writing and any other quality you can think of. Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Allison Tolman have all given the performance of a lifetime. It was a home run and all the nods from various awards also clearly prove this. However, this is the exact reason I am not that excited by this news.

The standard set by Fargo and its brilliant cast was way too high that I don't think anything else can even come near it. I believe that the new cast alongside a new storyline will hurt the name of the show. Fargo holds a very dear deep place in my heart and I really hope that the new season will not hurt this. Fargo's first season already had one of the best finales I have ever witnessed from a TV show. I believe that it was a great ending to a great series so I can't help but wish for it to be the "final ending". Some things just have to end when they are at their absolute prime so noone will get to see its downfall.

But I really am hoping that I will eat my words. I really hope the new season will set even a higher standard that I will regret saying these things and being this much prejudiced. But of course this will all be in the hands of the new actors. The executive producer and writer Noah Hawley will also return for the next season so I have no doubt that the writing will be as fantastic as the first season. So basically yea, it's all up to the casting now! Don't let us down please!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Loatheb Legendary Card Revealed!

We haven't seen a new card from Curse of Naxxramas for some time now after Hunter class card was revealed. However, what you are about to see can be a great asset when used at the exact right time. It has the potential to stop Miracle Rogues, Freeze Mages, Druid's Force of Nature and Savage Roar combo. Well it can be a counter to many other possibilities as well. Don't get overexcited though, it can do that for only one turn.

Loatheb itself will also have a strong presence on the board even without its battlecry. 5/5 body for 5 mana is not bad at all. But of course with this card it is all about the battlecry. It has the potential to delay or even stop many classes. From a Rogue perspective, just to destroy it with a basic Backstab and Eviscerate you need 12 mana alone! Or if you have a weapon up, Backstab and Deadly Poison will cost 11 mana! But of course this is only for one turn but it will still put up a giant wall for spell heavy decks for one turn and we know how much of a difference that only one turn can make with certain classes.

Loatheb is the last boss in Plague Quarter and this wing will be released as the second wing on July 29 after Arachnid Quarter opens its gates on July 22. The long wait is almost over!

Which Hearthstone Card are You?

Blizzard has just released a new fun quiz for us Hearthstone fans to "discover our true self". By answering simple and fun 10 questions, we can find out which Hearthstone card represents our personality the best. In order to take the Inkeeper's quiz you must first have a Facebook account, I was pretty disappointed when I found out about this but I activated my account just to take it. You can take the quiz here.

After answering 10 questions, all of which involved a lot of murloc eating as answers, I mean how can you even eat murlocs they are like the cutest things; I found out that I am a Faceless Manipulator. 

It's actually a match made in heaven. My personality really is like what Faceless Manipulator can do in the game. I am not as evil as it depicts me in the description though; but I am no angel either! :P Let me elaborate a little bit. Faceless Manipulator can copy any minion along with all the extra buffs. I am exactly like that, I copy the behaviour of other people. If someone ignores me, I ignore them back. If someone is offensive towards me, I get offensive towards them. If someone is laid back and defensive, I become just like that and wait for that person to make the first movie. Although I won't lie, most of what it says on the card description is true about me :P What better card can represent me in Hearthstone other than Faceless Manipulator? It's very fitting. :D Feel free to share your own results :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Release Date Set for July 22!

The announcement is finally here! Hearthstone official Twitter page has at last revealed the highly anticipated new Hearthstone adventure mode, Curse of Naxxramas, release date information. The creepy necropolis will open its gates on July 22 for PC, Mac and iPad platforms, that's only 5 days from today so the long wait is almost over! However it is important to note that us EU players will have to wait for July 23 in order to enter Naxxramas. July 22 release date is for US servers so EU players have to wait for one more day. We can at least watch some streams until then I guess ;)

The first wing, Arachnid Quarter, will be unlocked for free if you dare to step inside during the launch event. The launch event will last for a month so if you miss the official launch date July 22, you will still have a very long time to make it inside before the event expires. Don't forget that once you unlock a wing, it will be permanently unlocked forever.

For another look at the Curse of Naxxramas prices for each wing, check out my previous post.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Amid the Ruins Release Date and Trailer!

The highly anticipated 4th episode to the 2nd season of Telltale's brilliant adventure/horror game The Walking Dead finally gets a release date and thankfully Telltale has also revealed a brand new trailer to keep us fans busy while we wait for the new episode to be released.

PC and Mac users will be able to get their hands on the new episode, titled Amid the Ruins, on July 22. PS Vita and Playstation 3 users based in America will also be able to purchase the game on the same day. However, European Playstation and universal Xbox owners will have to wait for 1 more day until July 23 for the title's release. Finally the iOS version of the game will launch on July 24. So good news is that we don't have that very long left to wait.

Check out Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Amid the Ruins trailer below. Please note that the video will contain spoilers from previous episodes so if you haven't completed them yet, watch the trailer at your own risk.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Review: What would you do if you had 90 minutes left to live?

I haven't been giving recent comedies a chance lately as I believe I let the lack of quality from the comedies I have already seen cloud my judgement when it comes to the future comedies. However, this doesn't mean that I don't like giving new movies a chance. One of the movies I had on my list to try out was The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. The trailer captured my attention as the main character somehow resembled me. Oh yea I am a hot tempered girl, sorry about that. Life does that to you.

So I finally got a chance to see this movie and I must admit that I am positively surprised by how enjoyable it really was. It was very funny when it needed to be while being overly dramatic at the same time especially towards the end. It wasn't an exceptional movie by any means and to be perfectly honest, you won't be missing out on a lot if you decide to pass this movie. But I still think it was a decent one.

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn centres around Henry Altmann (Robin Williams), an unhappy and a really angry man who has a very long list of the things he hates, just like me. One day he goes to the hospital to get the results for his brain scan and finds out from Dr. Gill (Mila Kunis) that he has a brain aneurysm. When he pushes the doctor to give him specifically how much time he has left, Dr. Gill tells him that he only has 90 minutes left to live but of course she is not in any position to actually know about that because it is not her field as she was merely filling in for another doctor. In a panicked state and for fear of running out of time before he makes amends, instead of getting admitted Henry rushes out of the hospital to make peace with his son and wife and to say goodbye to all the people he has been rude and unforgiving to in the past. However, his condition is worse than what Dr. Gill initially thought as Henry might drop dead at any second especially if he is to get angry which would lead to an increased blood pressure. Thus Dr. Gill decides to go on a city-wide search in order to find Henry to bring him back to the hospital.

I found the acting above average in this movie. Robin Williams was impeccable of course there is absolutely no doubt there. I particularly enjoyed Peter Dinklage's performance as Henry's kind and caring brother. Well is there any movie out there that Peter Dinklage isn't good in? I don't think so. Melissa Leo as Henry's wife and Hamish Linklater as his son have both done more than respectable jobs in the limited screen time they were given. But I just didn't enjoy Mila Kunis' performance and that's why I said the acting was above average. 

She wasn't absolutely horrible or anything, she only shined a wee bit during some of her emotional scenes but other than that she was just lacklustre or just plain bad. Maybe her character might be a reason for that. For one she is having an affair with a married man. Then she is so unhappy that she is getting high while her patients are trying to "patiently" wait for her to come and examine them. She keeps giving bad news over and over again to her patients but she acts as if it were HER that life has been the most unkind to. A very pretty young successful doctor who is that unhappy? Maybe her character needed more background to put it into a better context but right now it just wasn't believable enough for me. The character definitely needs a rewrite and I would have preferred a different actress to play the part. Though it still wouldn't matter even if the character was portrayed very well as it was just poorly written.

As far as characters go I could definitely understand where Henry's anger stems from. SPOILER he lost his son in a hunting accident. While I think karma is a bitch (if you believe that sort of thing, I don't) and I just can't feel sorry for someone who died while trying to kill off animals, I at least understand Henry's frustration at life because he lost a child and his second son decided to pursue a career in dancing, despite his strong opinions against it, instead of joining the family business. At least this scenario is more believable than Dr. Gill's.

Especially towards the end, there are some strong messages the movie is trying to convey. It's about how life is so short and how we shouldn't waste it away with anger, frustration, sadness and so on and we should try to take happiness wherever we can find it even if it's in the least hopeful of situations. We should also treat others with respect and shouldn't be afraid of saying "I love you" to a person. As Henry asks Dr. Gill what she would do if she had 90 minutes to live, Dr. Gill says something like she would find a way to be happy and Henry answers; "Why don't you?" I think this should pretty much sum up the whole movie for anyone. We shouldn't wait for death to be imminent for us to take control of our lives and to make it mean something and we should also make the most of what and who we already have in our lives. (My mum would be proud if she heard me say these things...)

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn wasn't exceptional by any means; however, it still was a good movie that had some incredibly funny moments that will certainly make you laugh. It might also get you to reflect on yourself, your view of life and how you treat others. It didn't do that to me though, I'm still the same old unhappy, angry and grumpy me ;) If I had to rate this movie I'd give it 3 out of 5. Enjoy!