Monday, 15 December 2014

Andrew Scott and Christoph Waltz Join the Cast of Bond Spectre!!!

Amazing news are all around us these days for some reason. The cast was announced some time ago for the new James Bond movie, dubbed Spectre, and the sheer amount of talent that is associated with this movie is certainly more than enough to make one feel dizzy. 

Hell it even almost made me stumble! Just check out these names. Ralph Fiennes, who is my ultimate favourite actor EVER, alongside new-comers Christoph Waltz and Andrew Scott!!!! I never would have thought of seeing these names together and oh boy am I chuffed at this news!!! Just seeing Ralph Fiennes and Andrew Scott right next to each other makes me go complete bonkers!

The excitement continues with the rest of the cast too as it includes Ben Whishaw, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci (another name I'm very happy to see) and David Bautista.

I'll come clean here; as I am not fond of Bond genre in particular, I only watch them just for the sake of it. However, this casting will definitely make me keep Spectre in my archives for all eternity!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Hugh Jackman to Do a Broadway Show in Turkey! AND I AM GOING!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!! This has to be one of my dreams come true! I found out just today that Hugh Jackman is coming to my country to do a Broadway show. After doing some extensive research, finding out how expensive the tickets are and shedding tears and sweat while arguing with mum about it; I GOT MY TICKET!!! 

It's pretty close to the stage too! Of course I wanted to get the front row but it was too expensive, 2nd row also had the same price as the front row so I picked the next best thing! The 3rd row!!!!!

This is still unbelievable to me. I just... can't.... stop... shaking! I've always wanted to see quality theatre which is something that can't be found in Turkey as writing is non-existent and acting talent is nowhere to be found. I just never thought that when I finally attended one, it would be a Broadway show starring Hugh Jackman himself! I still don't know what such a legend is doing in this country, I still can't believe it!

The event will take place on 17th and 18th of March, so there is still time but I'm glad I've secured my spot before the tickets became unavailable. I have literally 0 money left in my account but it is definitely worth it, especially as I don't usually attend these activities (there are none anyway).

I guess the next dream would be to see Andrew Scott on stage but I doubt he'll ever come to Turkey :P But again, I never thought Hugh Jackman would come, so who knows maybe in the future I will see Andrew Scott too! :P

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Andrew Scott and Pride Win Big at British Independent Film Awards 2014!!!!

Hello, I know it's been a while since my last post. I've just been enjoying the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, a little too much than I initially anticipated. I've been so busy with my freelance job and also the game lately that I am afraid I had to stop writing for a while.

However, after this let's call it "time off", I come before you with FANTASTIC news!

British Film Independent Film Award winners were announced only a couple of days ago. There are some amazing names that for some reason I feel so proud and happy to see among the winners. 

One of these names (or maybe the only name) is of course Andrew Scott for Best Supporting Actor category! Damn, I've been completely obsessed with him lately, watched all of his movies, his short films, almost everything you can imagine except his stage work. I am afraid I don't live in London, nor do I have the opportunity or the means to go to see him there; although, it would certainly be a dream come true. As someone who has seen almost all his work, I was really hoping that he would get recognized BEYOND Sherlock. And it finally happened! I'm just so happy that he is among the winners. He definitely deserves it after delivering brilliant performance after brilliant performance in whatever movie he stars in. Big congratulations to Andrew Scott :P (If anyone has a video of his acceptance speech, I'd kill to have its link :D)

Ok, it will be a tough task but let's put Andrew to the side for a bit to check out the rest of the winners. Pride, starring Bill Nighy, Andrew Scott, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton (who also won Best Supporting Actress category) won Best British Independent Film category. Surely it was a big day for Pride and its magnificent cast. Brendon Gleeson, rightfully took home the Best Actor award for his outstanding work in Calvary. Ps, if you haven't seen Calvary yet, you are missing out on an amazing movie. Best International Independent Film award went to Boyhood, most likely one of the best if not THE best movie of 2014! Unlike the Oscars, it's great to see that the rightful nominees won their respective categories!

Here is the full list of winners:

British independent film: Pride

International independent film: Boyhood

Director: Yann Demange – ’71

Douglas Hickox award for debut director: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard – 20,000 Days on Earth

Screenplay: Jon Ronson, Peter Straughan – Frank

Actress: Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Belle

Actor: Brendan Gleeson – Calvary

Supporting actress: Imelda Staunton – Pride

Supporting actor: Andrew Scott – Pride

Most promising newcomer: Sameena Jabeen Ahmed – Catch Me Daddy

Achievement in production: The Goob

Technical achievement: Stephen Rennicks – Music – Frank

Documentary: Next Goal Wins

The Raindance award: Luna

British short: The Kármán Line

Richard Harris award: (for outstanding contribution by an actor to British film) Emma Thompson

The Variety award: Benedict Cumberbatch

The special jury prize: John Boorman

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Launch Times Announced!

Grommash Hellscream
5th expansion to World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor launch times have been announced by Blizzard. Here are the times for each zones.
  • North America (US) at 12:00 a.m. PST (1:00 a.m. Mountain, 2:00 a.m. CST, 3:00 a.m. EST) on Thursday, November 13
  • Oceanic will launch at the same time as the US.
  • Europe at 12:00 a.m. CET on Thursday, November 13
  • Korea at 12:00 a.m. KST on Tuesday, November 18
  • Taiwan at 12:00 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 18
  • China at 12:00 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 18
I feel bad for Asian servers to be honest. I even have a friend in China itching to play. I'm afraid they will have to wait for 5 more days before they can play the game. 

As for me? I'm starting tomorrow!!!! 

Let's speak a little bit about the storyline of this new expansion. Draenor is the Orc homeland, that was later deemed unlivable due to Gul'dan making the Orc clans drink the blood of Mannoroth. The once fertile lands died at the feet of the newly created Warlocks. 

However, in Mists of Pandaria when Garrosh escapes from the Pandarian trial, he makes his way into The Dark Portal to go back in time to warn his father, Grommash Hellscream, not to drink Mannoroth's blood to prevent the Orcs from being enslaved by the demonic forces. And then together they form the Iron Horde. This is also what we see during WoD Cinematic Trailer.

Garrosh Hellscream
As players, we will travel back in time, once again. But this time our task will be to stop the Iron Horde from invading Azeroth. We will have plenty more extras to help us in our duty such as Garrisons. Players will be able to construct buildings in these Garrisons that will help them grow an army to fight off the Iron Horde. However, despite there being 21 building types, our Garrisons will have space to fit only 10 of them in. So we'll customise and build according to our own will, bearing in mind the special bonus rewards we get from the buildings we choose.

The level cap is also being raised to 100 with Warlords of Draenor. So, there are plenty more to do! 

Are you ready for the invasion???

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Warcraft Movie Characters Revealed at Blizzcon 2014!

Finally, the news we have waited for so long is here. The Warcraft movie! We are getting so close to it that I feel like I can almost touch it! I remember waiting for it ever since I played Warcraft 1! They always made these fantasy movies of other books/games and I never understood why Warcraft didn't have a movie. Well as long as it's done perfectly I am willing to wait for 20 years! And I have waited for 20 years! This is the 20 year anniversary of Warcraft. So let's see the movie! NOW!

We have finally received some solid update on the upcoming and veeeery greatly anticipated Warcraft movie. Posters are released, movie official websites are created and most importantly, the characters that the previously announced cast will play are revealed!

Now, let's take a look at which actor will tackle which role. I will try to give very brief information about these characters and try to avoid any spoilers because well I know what will happen :) So I don't wanna ruin the whole thing for those who don't know the lore, read the books or play the game.

The Horde Characters (Of course I'll start with Horde first!!!)

Durotan: Toby Kebbell

Durotan is my most favourite Orc Chieftain. He is the leader of the Frostwolf Clan and the father of Thrall (former Warchief of the Horde). He has been the most just and honourable Chieftain among all the other clans. He has done everything in his power to protect his clan and to provide a better future for their next generations. I really can't wait to see Durotan!

I wonder who that is! :D
Orgrim: Rob Kazinzky

Orgrim is Durotan's best friend and the wielder of the legendary weapon Doomhammer before it was passed down to Thrall. He is the leader of the Doomhammer Clan. He is close to Blackhand; however, he is not particularly happy about some of the decisions Blackhand makes.

Blackhand: Clancy Brown

Blackhand the Destroyer is one of the most fearsome Orcs that we have seen. Known for his brutality and impeccable fighting skills, even the other Orcs make sure to stay out of his way. 

Gul'dan: Daniel Wu

Gul'dan is a very power hungry Warlock who created the Shadow Council to rule over the horde behind closed doors. Being a puppet of Kil'jaeden, he didn't care who would get hurt in the way in order to be rewarded by his master and become even more powerful. He is among the most evil characters in Warcraft lore and he had a big part in shaping how the Horde is today. Aiding Gul'dan is one of the greatest shames in their history.

Garona: Paula Patton

Garona is an interesting character. She is actually half Orc half Draenei. She is a powerful assassin and a spy but she changes allegiances quite often. She previously served Gul'dan.

The Alliance Characters (Pfft I'm bored already) :P

Anduin Lothar

Anduin Lothar: Travis Fimmel

Anduid Lothar is the leader of the Alliance, who has made many sacrifices in order to protect the people of Azeroth. He is the Lion of Azeroth and he has many statues devoted to him. Current Leader of the Alliance King Varian Wrynn even named his son Anduin after Anduin Lothar. He's a very well respected man and one of the best fighters of the Alliance.

King Llane Wrynn

King Llane Wrynn: Dominic Cooper

King Llane is the king of Stormwind and the father of Varian Wrynn (the current leader of the Alliance). A grand statue dedicated to his honour can be found in Stormwind Keep.

Medivh: Ben Foster

Damn I'm excited about this one! Ben Foster is among my favourite actors as well as Medivh being among my favourite lore characters. Medivh is known as the Prophet, an order that is tasked with protecting the world against the onslaught of The Burning Legion; but he is not "necessarily" a part of Alliance. Medivh is more of a neutral character. You can never know his true intentions because even he doesn't know that himself as he is in a constant state of confusion due to his spirit being possessed by the evil Titan Sargeras even before Medivh was born. He can look for peace and then the next minute he can change his mind and wage war...


Khadgar: Ben Schnetzer

Khadgar is one of the most powerful wizards of the Alliance. He was sent to Medivh to be his apprentice by Kirin Tor, an order consisting of the most powerful mages of Azeroth and he plays a big role in the Second War to prevent the destruction of Azeroth. His deeds also earned him a statute in Stormwind, Valley of Heroes.

Lady Taria: Ruth Negga

I don't know who the hell this character is. She is supposed to be King Llane Wrynn's partner and the Queen of Stormwind in the movie; but she doesn't exist in Warcraft universe... It looks like a completely made-up character.

So these are the characters. Some very major characters that we know so well are in the movie and I'm particularly excited about that. There were many speculations as to which road the Warcraft movie would take but in order to not offend anyone, they decided to make the movie 50% Horde, 50% Alliance. I'm fine with that I guess but I'd prefer to see more individuality.

But there are so many things in Warcraft universe that can't be filled into a movie.  I just hope they won't miss certain key elements in order to add a very unnecessary storyline of some made-up characters. I really don't want this brilliant lore to be ruined just to have it adapted to the big screen. Cause I'd rather not have a movie than seeing them make a huge mess of it -.- 

Warcraft Movie Posters are Released! Choose Your Faction Wisely!

I'm glad that we are finally seeing some real updates about the Warcraft movie that we have waited for decades. At Blizzcon 2014, movie posters are released for Alliance and Horde factions. There are also official websites for each faction so you can  sign up to receive news on the upcoming movie and show your allegiance. So pick carefully or better yet, let me help you with that. Just pick Horde! Trust me...

Here are the websites:

For those who can roar the following words, with enough might and power to cause an earthquake; 

Fight For The Horde
For those who are ashamed of making a sound and end up whimpering like a puppy when they try to utter; 

Fight For The Alliance
Enjoy the posters and the websites. You can download wallpapers, avatars and banners once you sign up on each website. These websites also let you give a shout out on social media to make the whole world know whose side you are on.

P.s, Don't take offense from my sarcasm at Alliance. I played Alliance too :) It's nothing personal! :D But it's so funny when Chris Metzen tries to make people scream "For the Alliance" at Blizzard events and you hardly hear like 6-7 people attempting to make some sound whereas the whole room trembles when it's "For the Horde" time! :D

World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary will bring back the iconic 40-Man Ragnaros!

This November marks the 10th anniversary of the very popular MMO World of Warcraft and Blizzard has something special planned for the players! What they have in store for us will have even a more special meaning for classic players like me who started the game on the very first day of its release.

If you have been on this crazy entertaining adventure for as long as I did, I'm pretty sure that you will remember those outstanding 40-man raid dungeons. Who can forget about them, right? Molten Core is especially special for us because it's the very first raid dungeon in World of Warcraft. I still remember those incredibly long attunement quests to be able to enter the place. It's such a classic! I will never forget my amazement and shock when I saw Ragnaros for the first time in his full blazing glory. I remember zooming out to maximum just enjoy the view right before we wiped instantly. 

Apparently Blizzard also knows this because they are bringing it back for this special occasion that will take place in Warlords of Draenor. Well the dungeon itself can still be accessed but the current version is level 60 and you can solo kill the entire place.

However, on WoW anniversary; there will be a special 40-man Look-for-Raid version of Molten Core on level 100 and if players are able to defeat The Fire Lord Ragnaros on maximum level during this event, they will be awarded with a very special mount. A beast that has been a trademark of Molten Core ever since the existence of the dungeon. A CORE HOUND!

Apart from the horrific but yet equally magnificent Core Hound mount, players who log in during the 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft, will also be rewarded with a deliciously sweet Molten Corgi pet! One simply can never resist Corgis!

World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary event will take place on November 22. So mark your calendars! I hope this event will last about at least a month in case some players can't reach level 100 by then as the anniversary date is pretty close to Warlords of Draenor expansion release date. Until then, I suggest you read War Crimes to get even more hyped about Warlords of Draenor! :)