Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is Free to Play for 72 Hours on EA Origins!

EA's latest multi-player shooter game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will be free to play for 72 hours on Origins. All you need to do is to download Origins on your PC, register and create an Origin account if you don't have one already and download the game to your PC.

This offer is for limited time only so you have to be fast and download the game now. When you log into the game your 72 hours of free play will become active and then you can start smashing zombies or harvesting some plants! After your Origin game time is over, you can continue playing by emptying your pockets.

I'm grateful to EA for doing something like this. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a game I have been looking forward to for quite some time; however, due to financial difficulties I can't afford it. So this free time provided to us just to test the game and get the feeling of it will be like god-given! Thank you EA!

You can download Origin here.

Have fun and don't miss out on this opportunity!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Construct Quarter: Thaddius Heroic Strategy and Guide for Priests

Thaddius is the last boss of Construct Quarter in Curse of Naxxramas. In World of Warcraft, Thaddius was my favourite boss ever. Yes, I am in love with Illidan but that's lore wise. Encounter wise Thaddius was incredibly entertaining especially from a tank point of view. So I was really looking forward to Hearthstone version of my most favourite boss and unlike Patchwerk, Thaddius did NOT disappoint me at all!

On normal mode Thaddius has 30 health and as usual his health increases to 45 on heroic difficulty. On both difficulties Thaddius' hero power remains the same: Swap the health and attack of all minions for 0 mana. 

On normal mode Thaddius will start with an empty board. However on heroic difficulty Thaddius will summon Stalagg and Feugen on turn 1. Don't worry though, as Thaddius won't start the fight with those minions already on board, you won't immediately start taking damage from turn 1. Also when you kill off these minions, Thaddius minion will not be summoned which was actually surprising for me. I really expected him to be summoned after killing off Stalagg and Feugen. I must admit though that it would be quite comedic, Thaddius summoning himself on the board! :P

I beat Thaddius after about 2-3 attempts with the usual Priest deck but with some changes.

Mulligan: Either Shadow Word Death or Big Game Hunter on your starting hand is a must to deal with Stalagg or Feugen (their stats will keep changing so either way you should kill one of them in turn 3). Nerubian Eggs are also great as you will get 4/4 Nerubians without worrying about how to activate your eggs.

Strategy: You will need to kill either Feugen or Stallag in turn 3 by activating your egg on turn 2 (which will most likely get killed with Lightning Bolt) or with your BGH or Shadow Word Death. It is imperative that you kill off at least one of these minions early on. Otherwise you will end up receiving a lot of damage to your hero that might make it rather tough for you to take back control as Thaddius will keep on playing minions anyway. 

Thaddius plays Taunt minions with 3 attack, so Shadow Madness is a great card here to either deal a bit of extra damage to boss or maybe kill off that minion. The strategy for the rest of the fight will usually be the same as I described countless of times before in previous guides. Play minions and buff them up with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. But never neglect Inner Fire or you might end up with a 16/2 Deathlord that will easily die to a Lightning Bolt/Forked Lightning  :D

Speaking of those spells, Thaddius obviously has lightning spells like Lightning Bolt and Forked Lightning. And he already has these on his starting hand. So your first 4/4 Nerubian will most likely die to that Lightning Bolt. Luckily though at least he doesn't have Lightning Storm. 

Thaddius is a really unique and entertaining encounter. It will not possess many challenges especially with this Priest deck. This is not an RNG heavy encounter either, so provided you get the cards you are looking for on time, the kill is pretty much a guarantee.

Good luck and have fun! :)

Curse of Naxxramas Construct Quarter: Gluth Heroic Strategy and Guide for Mages

I am sorry hat the last two heroic guides of Construct Quarter bosses has been delayed. My professional life has been up and down lately so I couldn't get a chance to finish these off. The last wing, Frostwyrm Lair, will be released tomorrow and I still didn't finish the guide of the previous wing. So please forgive me for that.

Gluth is the third boss in Construct Quarter and if you decide to go for minion heavy route it will be pretty hectic. People say Shockadin is a pretty effective deck for this but I found Freeze Mage to be the most effective one. I defeated Gluth on my first attempt with the deck I'm about to share with you and it actually was pretty easy as well. But if you decide to go with minions, the fight will probably be very challenging.

On normal mode Gluth has 30 health and his hero power changes the health of ALL minions to 1 for 2 mana. On heroic mode Gluth's health increases to 45 and his hero power changes the health of ENEMY minions to 1 for 0 mana. 

On heroic version Gluth starts the fight with a Zombie Chow and an Unstable Ghoul already on his side of the board. Gluth will use minions like Abomination, Unstable Ghoul and Zombie Chow quite frequently, so you can use his Abominations to set off a chain reaction that will end up wiping up the board and on top of it, heal you! And you will need this healing too because Gluth is melee attack heavy boss that will need to be freezed on and off, othherwise with just 2-3 cards he can do about 13-14 damage to your hero.

Here is the Mage deck I used to defeat Gluth on Heroic. You basically play as a freeze mage. I don't have cards like Doomsayer, Alexstrazsa, Ice Block so I had to make do with what I had and it worked out pretty well. I don't have a second Pyroblast either so if you have these cards I named you might want to include them as they would really make the whole encounter even easier. If you have Harrison Jones, that could be a great card against Gluth as his weapon has lots of durability that will return to you as card draw.

Mulligan: Oozes are necessary, towards mid and late game we will use a lot of our AoE spells to clear the board and all the minions we kill off will have Deathrattle effects. If we let his Jaws stay on, it will get an insane buff. I've seen that weapon being buffed to about 17-21 on some streams. Youthful Brewmaster is in the deck simply in order to get an extra Ooze. But I never drew my Brewmaster. Let's just say it's more of an insurance card. Also having at least 1 Frost Nova early on is useful to stall the heavy onslaught of Gluth's minions.

Strategy: You will basically play as a typical Freeze Mage. Freeze minions as much as possible and use all your spells on Gluth. When Gluth uses his Jaws, don't hesitate to destroy it with either Harrison Jones or Ooze. Especially late game Gluth will be in top deck mode, if you are on low health always try to freeze Gluth because he can top deck something that will give him about 6 attack that might end up killing you. Don't use all your Frostbolts and Ice Lances in one turn to increase your damage input. You might regret that later when Gluth gets a weapon or a card that will let him attack your hero as you won't have a way to deal with it anymore. 

Try to wait for him to flood the board as much as possible. Don't use your AoE too early. You will know when the time is right to set off the chain reaction with Abominations and Unstable Ghouls. You will also end up healing yourself quite a lot as there will be many Zombie Chows being played. So if you are low on health there is no need to be in despair. The time will come for you to heal yourself.

Kobold Geomancer is in the deck in order to boost your spells. If you have Bloodmage Thalnos, that's the ideal card to have of course but I don't have it so I opted for a budget version. Kobold will buff up your weak AoE spells like Arcane Explosion and by also using your hero power, you can kill off an Unstable Ghoul and whatever Zombie Chow is on board so it's actually a pretty effective removal. There is not a target for Big Game Hunter, I only included him because he is low cost and he has a high attack value so even if he stays alive for 1 turn, he can deal 4 damage to Gluth. You can also include Magma Ragers for this fight but again the whole idea with this deck is to use spells so I didn't include many minions. 

The deck might look pretty bad on paper but believe me it was actually quite effective and I defeated Gluth on my first attempt without any troubles.

Good luck and have fun. I will upload heroic guide for Thaddius later today.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Curse of Naxxramas Construct Quarter: Grobbulus Heroic Strategy and Guide for Priests

Grobbulus is the second boss in Curse of Naxxramas Construct Quarter and actually he is the most challenging encounter in this wing. Due to the nature of his hero power and the minions he plays, once again I found Priests to be the most suitable class to defeat him on heroic mode.

Grobbulus has 30 health on normal mode and his hero power is to deal 1 damage to all minions for 2 mana, if a minion dies from this hero power Grobbulus will automatically summon a 2/2 slime. On Heroic version, Grobbulus has 45 health and his hero power deals 2 damage to ENEMY characters including our hero only for 0 mana and if any minions die to this hero power he will summon 2/2 slimes. At least the stats of the slimes remain the same :D

Grobbulus also makes use of cards like Echoing Ooze and his encounter exclusive spell to buff his minions up. When Grobbulus uses Mutating Injection on Echoing Ooze, out of nowhere you will be facing x2 5/6 minions, which is quite insane to be honest.

Is there a better class in Hearthstone than Priest to deal with such mechanics? The class has answers to everything! 

Whenever you have to play a Priest against any boss in Naxxramas, the tactic will always be the same; use your spells like Inner Fire and Divine Shield to get huge minions and kill the boss. This of course requires a really good starting hand. If you don't get key cards on time, it will go downhill from that. 

Here is the Priest deck I used to defeat Grobbulus on Heroic difficulty.

Mulligan: Deathlord, Inner Fire and Divine Spirit form the ideal starting hand. The first Deathlord is mainly to stall the game though as there is a high chance that he will die by the time you buff him on turn 4. So you need to have another minion to fall back on.

Strategy: It's basically the same as all the other bosses. Play your minion with highest health and try to buff it up as much as you can. You can basically do this fight with only 1 or 2 minions at the most. It's all about staying alive until you are able to play that minion.

Grobbulus' board will get crowded, so Holy Nova is a great way to clear the board. Shadow Word Death will be the answer to any minion that is buffed with Mutating Injection. Healing priority will go to your buffed up minion unless you have less than 3 health in which case you will die to hero power, so you will have to heal yourself first. If you have another minion on board that will die to Grobbulus' hero power, it is also a better idea to trade that minion with one of Grobbulus' minions in order to avoid getting a 2/2 slime.

This fight might require some attempts before you are finally able to defeat him. It all comes down to your starting hand. If your hand is ideal, there is no real reason to lose against Grobbulus. Just don't make the mistake of running Nerubian Eggs. While it might sound logical at first, you will get overrun in no time.

This is how my board looked like when I had lethal. I basically had this 1 minion fully buffed almost the entire time. 

Good luck and have fun.

PS, Gluth and Thaddius heroic guides will be uploaded later.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Release Date and Cinematic Trailer!

The release date of the highly anticipated upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft has just been announced at Gamescom. But that wasn't the only treat that Blizzard had in store for us. They also gave us yet another epic cinematic trailer.

So the new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor will be released on November 13th. I must admit that this is a little earlier than I thought as I initially expected it to be released sometime around December. But we have a shorter time to wait for, so I've got 0 complaints! :)

Warlords of Draenor will let us players build our very own garrisons, it will also provide a lot of new and from what I've seen very unique dungeons (one takes place on a moving train), and of course all the best bits of the Wacraft lore that we love so much. There will also be blasts from the past like Upper Blackrock Spire (they actually showed the corpse of Leeroy Jenkins which completely cracked me up!). 

Apart from these exciting news, there is more! There will also be a new animated mini series called Lords of War that will tell the story of these Warlords that we will get to see in Warlords of Draenor. The first episode of this mini series made its dedubt at Gamescom which told the story of how Kargath freed the other orcs from slavery and ultimately formed The Shattered Hand. I can't wait for the rest of the episodes!!! Warcraft is full of great stories and incredibly rich in lore. I really hope that we will get to see more of these animated mini series in the future.

Don't worry, I didn't forget to include the trailer. Check out the brilliant Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Trailer below.

Curse of Naxxramas Construct Quarter: Patchwerk Heroic Strategy and Guide for Mages

We are unfortunately nearing the end of Hearthstone's new adventure mode, Curse of Naxxramas. This week marks the release of the 4th wing, Construct Quarter which consists of 4 unique boss encounters and Curse of Naxxramas will have opened all of its wings when the 5th and the last wing Frostwyrm Lair is released next week.

In classic World of Warcraft, Construct Quarter has always been my favourite wing with Thaddius and Patchwerk being among my favourite boss encounters so I was particularly excited by this wing, probably more than anyone else due to all these emotions and past experiences rushing in. Nothing beats getting one shot by Patchwerk even when you used every single potion and flask imaginable to a Tank...It really makes you feel insignificant and tiny! :)

Difficulty wise, Construct Quarter has been, unfortunately, the easiest wing among all the 4 released wings so far. Yes, there is a boss or two that will make it a bit challenging; however, the whole thing can be completed in a very short time provided you get the ideal starting hand.

So let's start our guide to Heroic Construct Quarter with the first boss, Patchwerk. Patchwerk is completely unique from all the other bosses in that he doesn't have any cards, he doesn't play any minions and he starts first. Patchwerk is currently the only encounter where we start the fight with the coin. I should also mention that Patchwerk is in a state of fatigue but he doesn't receive damage from it every turn as he doesn't draw any cards.

On normal mode Patchwerk has 30 health and his hero power destroys a minion for 4 mana. On heroic version his hero power completely remains the same and his health increases to 45. The main factor that gets affected by the change of difficulty is the weapon Patchwerk uses during the encounter.

On normal mode, Patchwerk's Hook Hits for 5 and it doesn't have Windfury affect. However, on heroic version his weapon hits for 4 but it has Windfury. Patchwerk NEVER trades with any minions unless they have Taunt so you will receive 8 damage to your hero every single turn. And in mid-game Patchwerk won't even trade with any Taunts as he will use his hero power to destroy it.

And this is where the magnificent class cards of Mage enter the picture. Mages have all the low cost and essential cards you will need in order to defeat Patchwerk. Patchwerk is the easiest boss in all of the wings so you have absolutely nothing to worry about here.

Let's take a look at the Mage deck I used to defeat Patchwerk on heroic.

You need to essentially get any low cost minion that does a lot of damage. For example Magma Rager is really effective in this fight so instead of Deathlord, you should opt for Magma Rager but it hardly really matters in this fight because the most powerful minion you play will end up getting destroyed by Patchwerk's hero power, so any 3 or higher mana cost minions will usually end up getting destroyed without even dealing any damage to him. So you can safely assume that Water Elemental and Deathlord are complete dead cards in this deck.

I don't have Ice Block so if you have them, for assurance you can get one or two. I only have Ice Barrier so I took two of them as they would buy me 2 extra turns. Mirror Image will also give you a turn provided you can play them in early game. Oozes are essential only in the starting hand. I also have Coldlight Oracle in deck because Patchwerk starts the fight in a fatigued state. So you have a chance to deal extra damage to him if you make him draw cards.

Mulligan: An Acidic Swamp Ooze in your starting hand will give you a big momentum and buy you a lot of time. Apart from that Mirror Images and at least one Frostbolt or Ice Lance will really stall Patchwerk and give you all the time you need to build your board.

Strategy: Coining out an Ooze is the dream start here. The mana cost of Patchwerk's weapon is 3 so if you coin out the Ooze on your first turn, Patchwerk will simply end the next turn without doing anything. In my hand I also had my second Ooze so when he used his weapon again on turn 3, I used the Ooze. So on his 4th turn, instead of destroying one of my minions, he had to use his weapon instead. So I actually bought myself a lot of time and had an extra minion on board.

Meanwhile you use your freeze spells like Ice Lance and Frostbolt if you don't have Mirror Image on hand to stall the game. Just keep attacking with your minions and at least try to freeze Patchwerk every other turn. There really isn't anything special to do here, he is just way too easy :)

Good luck and enjoy playing with Patchwerk! :)

PS, Heroic guides for the rest of the Construct Quarter bosses will be uploaded later.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rest in Peace Robin Williams

I've been crushed by this shocking news I've read a couple of days ago about Robin Williams committing suicide. It's been 2 days since it happened and I am writing this post just now because to be perfectly honest with you, I've been in denial. I've been simply checking out the news over and over again just to make sure my eyes weren't misguiding me. Hell, I still don't believe it's real...

Robin Williams, I want to thank you for the great times and movies with which you have blessed all of us in the past. Even during these troubling times when everything is going wrong in the world, you still managed to make us, or at least me, laugh. It was not an easy thing to do and especially considering the quality of the recent comedies these days, you still somehow managed to entertain us.

I just wish the same thing happened to you. I mean I wish there was someone or something to make you happy too, just like you made us. Us regular people have actors and movies to go back to entertain ourselves to escape from our very own depression and real life problems. But what can you do? How can YOU escape? Well, considering the number of great talents we have started to sadly lose these days, I guess you can't.

I really really hope that you will find your peace. But also know that you will be greatly missed. Thank you for providing your great talents and incredible movies to us. I would like to wish my sincere condolences to his friends, family and the rest of his fans who must all be incredibly upset just like me. Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You will forever be loved and missed.