Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The X-Files is Back!!!!

After 13 years since its finale, Fox is bringing back its most iconic and cult science fiction thriller, The X-Files, for a 6-episode season!!! David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be reprising their roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate paranormal phenomena and solve any case that is "out of this world".

The X-Files creator Chris Carter will also be heading the project. Carter said, "I think of it as a 13-year commercial break. The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories." While the production is set to begin this summer, Fox hasn't announced an air date, yet!

During these past years, Fox has been bringing back their most beloved series, 24 among the first, then Heroes getting a special season and now The X-Files!!!!!!! I wonder though if we'll get another movie when the season ends. The X-Files originally had 9 seasons with more than 200 episodes, making it one of the longest lasting sci-fi shows on the history of TV with also 2 movies having been made in its name: The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998) and The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008). So, who knows? Maybe we'll get another movie after 6 episode series run its course. I would be a veeeeeery happy girl!!!

I nominate this as the best news of 2015! I don't think anything else I will hear when it comes to TV or Movies that will be better than the return of my most favourite sci-fi! Yay! I can go back to being an X-Phile now! Although, I can't see how one can ever stop being an X-Phile. I didn't stop, I merely took a commercial break!!!!

I wanted to believe! And it just became a reality!

THANK YOU FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Diablo 3 Season 2 is ending already????

Blizzard announced the ending dates of Season 2 as well as the starting dates of Season 3. Season 2 will be ending on April 5 and Season 3 will commence after 5 days, that is on April 10. Here are the dates and times for each region and time zone.

Season 2 ending dates and times for each region:

Europe: Sunday, April 5 @ 9:00 p.m. CEST

North America: Sunday, April 5 @ 9:00 p.m. PDT 

Asia: Sunday, April 5 @ 9:00 p.m. KST

Season 3 starting dates and times for each region:

Europe: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. CEST

North America: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. PDT 

Asia: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. KST

While the first season took approximately 5 months, which many people found rather long as I read on the forums, the reasoning behind the only 2-month-lasting season could be to test the public reaction to a much shorter duration. I think Blizzard might be trying to find the two margins to apply their own Goldilocks Principle. According to this principle, if the community found 5 months too long and 2 months too short, then seasons should last 3-4 months. Another reason could be that Blizzard wants to implement Patch 2.2.0, highly anticipated and most likely the best patch that Diablo will ever get, with the start of a new season rather than in the middle of it.

I am also baffled a little by people finding 5 months too long. I think 5 months were great for a season. It is a SEASON after all... Not a bloody race. If 2 months will be the recurring duration of the seasons from now on, they should stop calling these "seasons" as it will be more about rushing (Rushers can rush but casuals shouldn't be forced to!). I wonder how many no-lifers actually play Diablo. Blizzard needs to realise that their casual gamers are overwhelmingly strong in numbers compared to no-lifers.

I'm quite upset about the 2 months per season idea. I just started to actually progress with my Monk as I finally found the best in slot items so I could start beating my records in Greater Rifts. After reaching this stage I wanted to dabble in other classes a little bit too. Come on Blizzard! I just leveled up my Crusader only days ago :'( I was really starting to enjoy my Witch Doctor on Hardcore as well! Now I will have to start from scratch all over again for Season 3... 

Well, of course we don't "have" to play seasons but as someone who is sort of addicted to customisation, new transmogrification and banner stuff are something I'd love to have. If I don't, I'll miss out on them and I'll never get them again. So basically for me to achieve that I have to play seasons. As for seasonal legendaries, they will be added to the general loot table after season ends anyway so I can sit tight until I can get them after 2 months... But basically, yea Season 3, here I come.... Not so willingly, though.... :/

Monday, 23 March 2015

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Gets XP and Gold Bonus for Anniversary!

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls. Blizzard is very well known for honouring the players with special boosts and rewards for playing during these anniversaries and this tradition won't change with Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls either.

Because thanks to Blizzard, we will be getting a massive bonus to XP gain and Gold find to celebrate the first year of Reaper of Souls. During this week, we will receive 100% bonus to XP and Gold gain. This bonus will be available for ALL consoles between March 23 and March 30! This bonus will also stack with our other remaining bonuses that we get from our items/shrines/pools etc. Better start your speed farming then!

I would have preferred a magic find bonus or maybe an increased spawn rate of goblins instead of gold as we have almost unlimited gold and basically nothing substantial to actually spend it on and it's always such a magnificent sight to see a Blood Thief! As for XP, I'm quite chuffed to increase my pace of earning paragon levels. Nevertheless, I'm always happy to see these special rewards even for a limited time so I will not be complaining! :) 

Thank you Blizzard. 

Happy grinding to all the Nephalems out there. Here is a screenshot of the buff from my game:

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Best Evening of My Life with Hugh Jackman!

Thanks to Hugh Jackman, last night was the best night of my life. I wouldn't have thought that a day filled with travelling alongside a pretty hectic and exhausting schedule would pay off with the best day of my life. I knew I would have tons of fun but I never would have dreamed that this would be such a magical day full of wonders. This show made me realise that I really would enjoy Broadway and if I were to live in New York, I'd most likely spend all my money on Broadway and end up dying from hunger.

Sorry about the lack of quality on the picture. Bad quality camera phone, a huge crowd waiting in line to get their pictures taken, and the lightning in the theatre led to this... Not to mention that I'm rubbish at posing! But it's a memory nonetheless!

Anyway before I go off topic, which is something I do regularly, I'd like to talk about this wonderful musical Hugh Jackman honoured us with. This broadway show is called "An Evening with Hugh Jackman". There is no play, there is no scenario, there is no script, except the story of Hugh Jackman himself. The show was all about his personal experiences and his own life, his family, his favourite songs from his favourite musicals, or musicals he starred in. This wasn't just any Broadway show. This was something very private and personal, this was like having a glimpse into the life of Mr. Jackman and getting to know him on a much deeper level. It felt like he was having a conversation with one of his best friends as he gave us the story of his life starting from his childhood up until today. That's exactly why in a pre-show interview earlier, he said that the people who attended the show would know a lot more about him than anyone else who has seen ALL of his shows/movies. Indeed we did learn a great deal about him.

Before the show started, announcements were made about not being allowed to take photos/videos and we were kindly asked to turn off our phones, they told us not to forget that it was Wolverine we were watching so he would hunt us down. First of all, yea it was sort of funny but I don't like this Wolverine image always being projected upon Hugh Jackman, there were some disturbing moments during the show which suggested that people in Turkey only know Hugh Jackman from his X-Men movies which is shameful and a waste! I'll talk about these moments in details as I go along further in this post. Second of all, noone actually paid any attention to this announcement. Throughout the entire show everyone kept taking pictures with their flashes on! Many of us were quite bothered with it; I wish Hugh did indeed hunt them down! That's why this post will lack pictures from the show as I didn't take any!

The second announcement was made about the language of the show. As the show is mainly improvisation, most of the things Hugh says wouldn't be translated which drew a lot of negative feedback from the audience. But many people laughed at his jokes so either most people knew English or they joined in on the laughter of the people who actually understood the jokes. I really didn't like the translation quality of song lyrics either. Knowing English certainly has its rewards! 

Hugh Jackman started the show with a heartwarming "Merhaba İstanbul" (Hello İstanbul). His Turkish pronunciation was pretty dead on so he did his homework! :) Also, he was so obsessed with saying the Turkish names right that he kept repeating them even in the middle of his songs. By sharing with us; his obsession with Turkish Coffee, his Turkish heritage, his past Turkey visit 19 years ago and how much he loved the people and how much the city has changed for the better; he really managed to connect with the Turkish people. (He didn't need all that to connect with me though :P)

Then he showed us a couple of Wolverine moments, admitting that film executives hate that he does Broadway because he loses the weight he needs in order to be Wolverine. And realistically, he knows he will keep on being Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, let me be honest with you here: You are misinterpreting the Oscar winning movie "Birdman"! :D (And therefore I join the long line of people who mock Jackman for getting the wrong idea from Birdman).

After the Wolverine part he said he was mostly well known for his action movies but he admitted that he was a romantic at heart. After that he let us in on the secret of a happy life: Happy Wife, Happy Life. Then he told us a very personal story of when and how he met his wife Deborra, who was also among the audience, before dedicating a very romantic song to her. When the song was over, while we were applauding, he left the stage to join his wife in the audience; he hugged and then kissed her making the whole audience go "Awwwwww". This is probably when all of us women fell in love with him.

He also sang a song about his life in New York and how he didn't want to move there at first but he did as his wife Deborra was quite excited about it. Happy Wife, Happy Life remember? But the city grew on him and he really came to love NY; thus the essence of the song expressed his feelings beautifully.

It wasn't only his wife that Hugh Jackman honoured during the show, though. He also told us a sweet story of his dad and his reaction to Jackman's starring in Carousel as Billy Bigelow and he dedicated his favourite song from Carousel to his father.

Hugh Jackman also gave us an exclusive song from his upcoming musical "The Greatest Showman on Earth". He was joined by Bora Uzer, a Turkish singer, in a duet when the pair portrayed a scene from this musical. I really enjoyed this duet. I won't even complement on Jackman here as he was obviously magnificent. But I feel like I should pay special tribute to Bora Uzer. The original singer who was supposed to join Jackman for this duet got sick and they had to come up with a new name only days prior to the show. Bora was picked only 2 days before the opening night and thus had only 2 days to prepare for it. According to Jackman, Bora had never sung in English before, well we really couldn't tell as he was amazing so he deserved every single applause that we gave him at the end of the performance.

Bora Uzer joined Hugh Jackman on stage.

In the earlier paragraphs I mentioned that Turkish people only know Hugh Jackman from X-Men movies. There are a number of disturbing moments that led me to this theory. I call them disturbing because it was very awkward for Jackman as he was trying to involve the audience to join him on this conversation but it felt one-sided. He talked about getting a phone call from Steven Spielberg himself to host the Oscars (which was among my favourite Oscar shows in the last 10 years) and telling his wife that she was going to bed with the host of the 81st Academy Awards; to which his wife Deborra replied: "Billy Crystal is here?" which was actually among the best jokes but it got only a handful of laughters. Did people even know anything about Jackman hosting the Oscars or who Billy Crystal is or they simply didn't find it funny? I hope it's the last one...

Another touching moment was when Jackman started talking about taking on a project to build houses for an Aboriginal community in Bowen when he was 19 years old, saying that he was the happiest he ever was and that he wouldn't be an actor today if it wasn't for his dad who convinced him to go back to his studies. He explained how he was very happy to go back there for the shooting of his movie "Australia" also starring Nicole Kidman. He told us how he slept under a blanket of stars with his son, Oscar, and heartily recommended us to go to Bowen and do the same. Following this story, he asked how many of us actually saw Australia. I think only 7-8 people including me screamed in approval; to which disappointed Jackman replied "Hm I guess only 13 of you saw that". Isn't this just heartbreaking?

There was also little to no response when he was talking about The Boy From Oz and Les Misérables but people went mental when he talked about Wolverine. I sort of saw this coming as I mentioned many times before in my earlier posts that people of Turkey wouldn't really appreciate a good musical. I am 100% sure that 99% of the theatre didn't even know that Jackman won a Tony for his Peter Allen performance in The Boy From Oz... Obviously not everyone has to be interested in musicals enough to know all these information. However, if you are going to attend an event like this, at least do some research will you?

Yea, I am convinced. People only know him as Wolverine... If you want to get out of that demographic, I suggest you start from his magnificent movies like The Prestige and The Fountain... Start with them and move on to the rest! Not all of his movies are perfect obviously, but you just need to get rid of that limited view of him as an actor. As for his Broadway performances, there are tons of videos that can be found.

Back to the show; my most favourite moment in the show was when Hugh Jackman started singing Fever in the middle of the audience. Yea, he left the stage and started moving around row 3-4 when he randomly picked up a middle-aged woman. Things were surely getting hot in the theatre, I mean you must know the song Fever and even Hugh was asking whether the audience was feeling hot! (We were!) And the woman he picked from the audience was wearing a puffy parka coat (ironic enough?), so I guess that's why she was chosen or it was just random luck. Hugh Jackman led the woman, whom we will later recognise as Fatoş, to the stage and then asked his wife's permission to dance with her (adorable much? :P). Well they started dancing, of course the woman was blushing furiously, I mean her face was as if it were painted in cherry red. Then Jackman told us the purpose of Fatoş; to make another woman in the front row he kept picking on feel jealous. When she left the stage, she immediately started taking her coat off which was pointed out by Jackman himself; "She is taking her coat off!!!" which completely consumed the theatre in laughter! Damn, what a lucky woman. People all around me and including me kept commenting on how lucky she was :D Hugh Jackman kept saying her name in the remainder of show, even in the middle of some songs to make sure he was pronouncing it correctly or to simply pick on her even more :P

In short Jackman was pretty involved with the audience. He pointed at us to play a game, he made us keep the rhythm going with clicks and claps and he actually warned us when we stopped. He wanted us to sing along with him but sadly noone knew the lyrics to the songs so unfortunately he sang alone. Although as stiff as I am, I never would have thought this but I actually sang along very loudly during some songs, especially "Not The Boy Next Door" from "The Boy From Oz" musical, a song that I really, really, and I can't stress this enough, REALLY enjoy! It is quite upsetting that the theatre was completely silent during all the songs with the exception of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", I guess that's the only song that Turks know.... Yes we are there to listen to the man sing and dance but his voice was already filling the room, so some musicality from the audience would certainly improve the overall experience. I mean he WANTED us to join him after all! He even said multiple times; "Come on, you know this song", I guess he must have been disappointed to find out that noone actually knew any of those songs! Or maybe they were shy? If I am singing out loud, anyone else also must because I'm most likely the number 1 shy person on this planet!

My second most favourite moment in the show was when he performed "Singin' in the Rain" by Gene Kelly; another song I happily sang out loud. He was accompanied by 4 dancers, whom he called "Dream Girls" and during this number Jackman showcased his tap skills which is a genre I greatly enjoy watching. In some moments the orchestra would stop playing so the only music would come from Jackman's tap shoes!  This performance actually received the second loudest applause (the first was at the very end of course) and it was such a joy to watch.

The show was magical as I pointed out earlier but suffice it to say that I've still got some complaints though. None of them is about Hugh Jackman himself, he was brilliant, completely flawless. How could he even go wrong? However, my biggest complaint is about the Dream Girls and their singing performance. They were supposed to sing the original song from Anne Hathaway's most memorable scene in Les Misérables, a performance that won her an Oscar. I did hear some mumblings from them, I honestly can't call that singing. The orchestra brutally overwhelmed all 4 of their voices combined and we couldn't even hear a word that they were saying so I actually saw a lot of people from the audience looking up to read the translation of the lyrics instead of listening. I didn't have to as I played Anne Hathaway's voice in my head :P When Hugh Jackman would start singing, he would give the orchestra a run for their money with his powerful voice. So it was sort of disturbing to watch those Dream Girls in all of their singing performances "trying" to keep up with Jackman. I've got no complaints with their dancing though! To do what they did in heels... Supernatural...

My second complaint would be about the attitude of the orchestra. Hugh Jackman wanted to improv a song and wanted the orchestra to play random Turkish melodies. He almost asked each of them individually and we could see all of them shaking their heads. Wow, some attitude there! Only one saxophonist took on the challenge and tried to play but only did for about 10 seconds until he stopped and started shaking his head as well. Hugh had to almost beg for some Turkish themed music until 1-2 started to play random tunes and the rest of the orchestra joined them. It didn't even have any traditional Turkish melodies. This whole thing really annoyed me and I just wanted to get up on that stage and slap each and every one of them. You are Turkish musicians and you are playing on a stage in front of 2000 people, accompanying Hugh Jackman, someone who many times asked for a round of applause for his "great orchestra" and you'd let him and us the audience down like that. It was so unprofessional!

In final words, I will put this as simply as possible: This was the best night of my life. I can assure you that this night had some pretty tough competition too. Manchester United vs Bursaspor and Manchester United vs Galatasaray Champions League matches come to my mind but these two are easily replaced by this wonderful musical so thank you for this fantastic experience Hugh Jackman!

By the way, as I was writing this review I found out that the rest of Hugh Jackman's shows are cancelled. "An Evening with Hugh Jackman" would be in theatres from 17th until 20th of March but all his shows are cancelled due to a vocal hemorrhage so on his doctor's orders he won't be singing for 2 weeks. I honestly feel lucky to pick up my ticket for the opening day (and closing day it looks like).

I wish you a fast recovery Hugh Jackman. Get well soon! Here is his tweet on the issue:

Friday, 13 March 2015

Countdown to Hugh Jackman!!!!!!

I mentioned previously that Hugh Jackman was coming to Turkey to do a Broadway show and that I was going to attend this magnificent event. Honestly, I still don't know what he is doing in this country, I mean I don't even think that anyone here has the capacity to appreciate a good musical (I am an exception as I don't belong here...obviously...). But I won't complain!!!

Well, since that blog post; it is rather tough to grasp how these past 3 months have already gone by this quickly. From today, it's only 4 days left until I get to see Hugh Jackman LIVE!! I am literally shaking from excitement so I thought by writing about it, maybe I would calm down a little bit. Well I can guarantee you that currently writing this blog post is NOT helping me!!! Hell, it's even getting me more excited so I guess I better stop this post as soon as possible.

Only 4 days left to Hugh Jackman!!! I still can't believe I will get to see an actor I've been following ever since I started enjoying movies back in my early childhood!! Not only that but also the fact that I'll be seeing a Broadway show for the first time in my life!! I really hope that this will be the start of many more to come in the future! It is safe to admit that there are a lot of things to get excited about. 

I am coming for you Hugh Jackman!! Can you hear my footsteps??? Joke aside, don't worry though, I am quite a mature fan, I won't try to touch your hair or something... ( heard that in interviews from various actors that some fans actually do that :| grow up, will you?)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Announced Zoolander 2!!!

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced Zoolander 2 at Valentino's Paris Fashion Show on Tuesday! The duo wore custom pieces from Valentino's 2015 Fall Collection. May I please say they both look stunning? I particularly loved Ben's suit! It also made me chuckle when they throw their jackets at the end of their catwalk :D It is just so like Zoolander and Hansel! :D (The link to the show can be found at the end of this post).

I admitted many times before that I am not a fan of sequels, prequels, remakes etc. But come on!!! This is Zoolander 2!!! I just can't help but get overly excited by this news! Despite being flawed and borderline ridiculous, Zoolander was so hilarious and special that it is impossible to not be chuffed to bits about getting a second installment.

According to a statement released by Paramount, Ben Stiller directed fashion movie is set to hit theatres on Feb. 12, 2016 so unfortunately there is still a long way to go. Will Ferrel will be back as Mugatu and Penélope Cruz also joined the cast. Tropic Thunder screenwriter Justin Theroux will be writing Zoolander 2 screenplay.

They are still in character even after the fashion show :)
I can't wait to witness the new adventures of Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson), two overly competitive fashion models battling out to be the best model in the world. I am really hoping to see some more over-the-top and ridiculously funny runway shows from these 2 in the next movie! The new movie will also involve a rival company trying to take Zoolander and Hansel out of modeling business altogether.

Damn it, I can't wait for Zoolander 2!!! This news made me want to re-enjoy Zoolander again. While the world is busy with deciding whether a silly dress is black/blue or white/gold, I'd rather get hypnotised by the picture above :D

Ps: You can watch the full Valentino's Fashion Show here. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson make their appearance at approximately 13.50 minutes.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

NECA Cult Classics 6 Inch Shaun of the Dead Action Figure Review

I haven't realised that such a long time has passed since my last action figure review. I've still got a couple of action figures left in my collection to write reviews on but currently I don't have the financials to keep this hobby going :'( I wish I did as I loved collecting these figures and I've still got a lot on my wish list. I guess I have to be patient and wait until I find a good job and save some money but at this point I'm quite pessimistic about this.

Anyway let's get back to my review now (even though I haven't even started it yet). The following review will be for NECA's Cult Classics Shaun of the Dead 2Pack Shaun and Ed. I will also compare this item to my NECA Shaun of the Dead Talking Shaun, a figure I previously reviewed before. Check out the picture below. Sorry for the poor quality, my current camera is quite outdated to the point of being displayed in a museum and guess what? I don't have money to get a new camera!

Let me start the actual review by saying that this was my last and final addition to my Shaun of the Dead action figure collection. I currently possess all Shaun of the Dead figures in my collection and I proudly display them on my shelves. There are some unreleased Shaun of the Dead themed figures, for example a zombie Ed, which looks incredibly stunning. But then again, this didn't even make it to production so I guess I'll be left with what I've currently got :) 

I am afraid the accessories in this figure set are fairly limited. The accessories include; the iconic Winchester rifle, a molotov cocktail, a shovel, a playstation gamepad and finaly a single gripping hand for Ed, so there aren't a lot of variety if you want to display them in multiple poses. The articulation is fairly limited too as only the arms can be moved. Speaking of displaying them, I ran into quite a bit of trouble trying to pose them a certain way. I will get into detail on this issue in the coming paragraphs.

But before I do, let me talk about the overall look of Shaun and Ed. The details on Shaun and Ed are simply fantastic especially compared to my previously reviewed Talking Shaun figure; although, my only complaint is that I wish this figure could be 9 or 10 inches tall instead of 6. Considering the amount of money I spent, which is almost half of what I make per month (working freelance so the pay isn't that decent...), I'd have liked it to be a wee bit taller but I'm still happy with the product and the Shaun of the Dead feel it gives. I actually liked this figure A LOT better than the talking figure.

Yes there are some problems with the paint application here and there but I won't nitpick it and just enjoy how similar the head sculptures of these figures are with actual Shaun and Ed. Unlike Neca's Talking Shaun, Shaun figure in this set ACTUALLY looks like Shaun!! Same goes with Ed. I also really enjoyed the blood spatter detail on their shirts.

Here is a closer look at head sculptures:

Focus on Shaun 
Focus on Ed

The figure is safely stored in a box, actually maybe a bit too safely as it took me about 15-20 minutes to open the package. But then I was surprised by Ed's left arm because it wasn't attached to its place of articulation. It was like that when I took the figure out of the box very carefully. It's not like I forced it either, it just wasn't secured on him. And about that, I tried quite a lot to attach it back in its place, which was incredibly difficult. Despite all my efforts, the arm is still loose and when I move his arm even just a tiny bit it falls off again so I gave up and left it that way.

After my hassle about Ed's arm, it was now time to get him to hold the shovel. I had no idea how to do this as there wasn't a manual included with the figure set so first I tried to force his hand open but it never opened wide enough for him to hold the shovel. However, if you decide to buy one of these; don't make that mistake because the handle of the shovel can be removed easily to make Ed wield it so don't try to force Ed's fingers open like I did. I'm glad I didn't broke his hand in the process when I realised how simple it really was. Just remove the handle and slide the shovel between Ed's fingers and then re-attach the handle back on its rear and you're done. 

However, Ed's arm wasn't the only problem I had to go through. Another main trouble I had was with Shaun and his Winchester rifle. I just couldn't get Shaun to hold Winchester the way he holds it in the official picture of the figure. I did get close though and while I tried to get him to hold the rifle (again very gently), the rather thin plastic handle right under the trigger ripped in half. Luckily it didn't come off completely and in its current position it's difficult to detect so I'm safe I guess. After I slid his right hand on the trigger it was time to get the muzzle to rest on Shaun's left hand which proved to be a difficult task as well. After the incident with the trigger I didn't want to force it any more than I needed in fear of breaking the whole rifle but anyway I finally managed to get him to properly hold it. Shaun doesn't hold the rifle near his eyesight like in the official pictures but he holds it across his chest. I tried to raise his arms to his eyesight to make him look like he is targeting a zombie but it just didn't work, so again I had to leave it that way :)

After this tiresome exercise, all there was left to do was to attach this fantastic duo on the stand which resembles the floor of Winchester Tavern. There is even an open Hog Lumps package on the floor as well as some shattered bottles, I just loved this little touch of detail. Despite my unsuccessful attempts at making them pose the way I wanted, they still look brilliant! It is definitely a figure that every Shaun of the Dead fan should have in their collection. I just hope you won't have a mother like mine whose first reaction was "You paid that much money for that fat man????" :p Damn it mum! What do you know about Shaun of the Dead??