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Curse of Naxxramas Plague Quarter: Heigan the Unclean Heroic Strategy and Guide for Priests

Earlier today I posted my heroic Noth guide with pretty basic cards for Priest. The next guide will be for the second boss of Plague Quarter, Heigan the Unclean. This fight is pretty straightfoward and is MUCH easier than Noth, well at least for Priests that is.

However, there a couple of things to look out for so let me first start off with an introduction to Heigan on heroic difficuty. Heigan on normal mode has 30 health and his hero power is to deal 2 damage to the left most minion for 1 mana. On heroic mode, his health is increased to 45 and his hero power becomes deal 3 damage to the left most minion for 0 mana. So Heigan will use his hero power basically every single turn so you need to play around that. But with the deck I came up with it's incredibly easy.

Heigan starts off the fight with an empty board on normal difficulty. However, on Heroic mode he has a Voidcaller already on board. It is the most frequently used minion for this fight and you may want to keep your silences for this minion otherwise there is a good chance that you will have to face some pretty tough minions on turn 3-4 if your RNG is bad. Heigan's hand is full of demons like Doomguard and Dread Infernal so naturally you will want to avoid killing off early Voidcallers without Silencing them first or having good board presence to handle those tough threats. Of course if your RNG is good you might get him to summon a simple Voidwalker or a Flame Imp instead but you can never know :p Once Heigan's hand is empty or has 1-2 cards left (you just have to risk it), you shouldn't even hesitate to kill off these Voidcallers in order to avoid a topdeck Doomguard.

Here is the Priest deck I used to defeat Heigan the Unclean on Heroic mode. It's a pretty cheap deck mainly consisting of basic cards with some uncommons and four rares. You can replace Mind Control Tech with a second Lightwell if you have it. I only used MCT in case I didn't get anything for earlier turns to maintain board control so I might have to take control of one of his minions. However, I neither drafted MCT nor I needed to use him ever. So you might want to replace him with whatever you might think is better.

Mulligan: You might want to keep Silence if you have one on your starting hand. Nerubian Egg, Shadow Word Pain and Lightwell are the cards you are mainly looking for early game. Holy Smite is also a valuable card to have early on to deal with Flame Imps if Heigan decides to play them.

Strategy: The most important thing for you to do is to not panic. When you start taking back board control you might be pretty low on health but just take it easy. In my case I had about 5-6 health left when I took full control. Try to keep your health above 5 though to avoid Doomguard and Soulfire or definitely have a Taunt up if you have only 5 health left. Heigan is a warlock so he uses a lot of demons and Warlock class cards like Soulfire, Mortal Coil, Bane of Doom and Demonfire. There is no real reason to rush Heigan here, it's a pretty simple encounter and it's like a guaranteed win if you play control. However stabilizing will take time so just be patient and do not concede early on. It is possible to make epic comebacks against him when you have like 4-5 health left.

On mulligan, I told you to keep Silence. But don't use it immediately on turn 1 if you get it. In my case Heigan used Demonfire on turn 2 to buff his Voidcaller so waiting for the second turn might give you more value but he might also play a Deathcharger instead so you can never know. But definitely keep Silence for 1-2 turn later, he will use that Demonfire on something eventually or it's always good to use it on a Voidcaller before you kill it off.

Another thing to look out for is his spells of course. If you have a minion with 4 health left, Heigan will use Soulfire or if you have a minion with 1 health left he will use Mortal Coil. Of course you will want to avoid that so during certain turns you might be tempted to heal yourself to be on the safe side but heal your minion instead, the pay off is greater as board control is much more important here.

Here comes to tricky but fairly easy part to deal with Eruption. Of course it is the best way to activate those Nerubian Eggs we have in our deck. For late game you will need certain spells and minions to solely deal with Eruption, but for early game Nerubian Egg is the best way to get value from Heigan's hero power as the Nerubian can be used to trade off with that early Voidcaller. You might want to play Haunted Creeper to summon tokens as well but I didn't run them for my deck, I mainly focused on late game. For early game I also played Lightwell for extra healing. I only have 1 Lightwell so if you have 2, running 2 Lightwell is not a bad idea at all!

But this tactic is for early game only because what we really want to do eventually is to use our usual gimmicky Priest spells to buff up a Stoneskin Gargoyle to soak up Eruption. When you have enough mana play your Gargoyle and buff it with whatever you can think of, there are no secrets to worry about on this encounter so don't hold back. Divine Spirit, Power World Shield and Inner Fire, just go full out. Stoneskin Gargoyle will withstand Heigan's hero power easily and still can be used to trade off minions and survive easily in the end. You won't even need to heal it as it will heal itself back up to full on your next turn.

This is how my board looked like when I had lethal. These two minions were pretty much all I had for at least 5-6 turns until I killed him. Once Heigan runs out of cards, don't hesitate to take down those Voidcallers whenever he plays them because he will get 0 value from it. So you won't be facing sour surprises like Doomguard and Dread Infernal out of nowhere. But even if you do, that's what Shadow Word Death is there for ;) But again, do not panic on earlier turns. You might not get those eggs soon enough or have any means to handle the board. Just keep healing yourself, this deck has all the means to make a legendary come back. Good luck and have fun!

Ps: Loatheb heroic guide will be posted tomorrow. I tried him only 3 times with different classes (Mage, Rogue and Priest) and got him on first try with a Priest. Priests are really overpowered in Naxxramas it seems :/

Curse of Naxxramas Plague Quarter: Noth The Plaguebringer Heroic Strategy and Guide for Priests

So as I promised last night here is my short and basic strategy I used for heroic mode of Noth the Plagubringer. Noth is the first boss in the second wing of Hearthstone adventure mode Curse of Naxxramas and he is a boss that has caused me nightmares ever since I first killed him on level 60 in vanilla World of Warcraft. I am pretty sure that taunts failing on his skeletons and thus healers ending up dying would do that to any proud tank....

Normal version of Noth is fairly straightforward. He has 30 health and a passive ability to summon a 1/1 skeleton whenever YOU lose a minion. However, his heroic mode has 45 health and his passive ability increases the stats of his skeletons to 5/5! So losing a minion will have devastating effects.

So anyway unlike World of Warcraft at least Hearthstone version of Noth is surprisingly much easier and ironically one of the key to win is to FAIL AT TAUNT! The reason behind this is that Noth has one of the best legendary cards in the game, that is Black Knight. As you know Black Knight destroys a minion with taunt. So the idea is to not have any taunts on the board so he won't get value from it. AI also mostly ignores your minions on board. So basically the more Noth attacks your face, the lesser the chance to give him a free 5/5.

However, Noth also has an incredibly annoying AoE called Plague that destroys EVERYTHING on the board that is not a skeleton. So if you are going aggro with 5 minions on the board, congratulations because you just gave him 5 5/5 that you will have to deal with so you might pretty much want to concede immediately.

When I killed Noth on my 3rd attempt I was lucky enough not to face this card. However, even if I did I had the means to handle it easily with a single Shadow Word Death as I only had 1 minion on the board anyway so he wouldn't get a good value from it and I still had minions to play afterwards and buff so I was still in a good position.

Anyway enough with the introduction this guide was supposed to be short but again I managed to go full out. I used a priest deck to take down Noth. So my guide will be based on the Priest class. The cards I used are fairly basic with a couple of uncommons and two rares so it's pretty cheap or even almost completely free.

Mulligan: You need to fish for any 4 mana minion to play on turn 4 preferably Snapjaw. This is pretty vital otherwise you will be down to too low health in order to make a good comeback but of course it is still possible. Then you just hope to get Divine Spirit and Inner Fire on later turns to buff up your 4 mana minion. Having 1 Shadow Word Death and Pain is also important but the cards you want are 4 mana minion, Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. If you get Mogu'shan Warden, you have merits to fear trading and Black Knight so make sure you have Silence in hand and Circle to test for Counterspell before using Silence.

Strategy: The idea is to put down a 4 mana minion as soon as possible. You just heal yourself up as long as you need until you can play your minion and buff it up as much as you can. Noth didn't use Plague on my 3rd attempt but even if he did I had Shadow Word Death to handle that 5/5 and then Holy Fire for him so I'd still win anyway. Due to Plague, I suggest not trading at all with your buffed minion. You might want to go full face because if Noth decides to use Plague his board will be wiped clean with 5/5 for as many minions as you had on the board so you can easily come back after a board reset and I'm pretty sure you don't want to lose your buffed minion a turn after trading as you would be getting 0 value from it. 

Another key element to consider is that Noth has TONS of secrets and I means TONS of them. He will use Duplicate, Ice Block and Counterspell. He will also play Mad Scientists that put a secret on the battlefield when they die. The most important thing to look out for is obviously a Counterspell. So I put 0 mana cost free spells to test for Counterspell. Silence is pretty effective here, even if you lose your silence to Counterspell you won't lose much. So if Noth has a secret up and you are about to use Divine Spirit and Inner Fire on your minion, think twice and use Circle of Healing or Silence first to trigger it because you can't afford to lose your buff spells as they are your kill conditions. In order to handle Duplicate, just think "Which minion I wouldn't mind for him to get twice of?". In my case it was Undertaker. I avoided killing Mad Scientists because I didn't want to give him extra secrets and if I had to Silence a minion, it would definitely be those Mad Scientists.

I'll tell you exactly how it went down in my game. I healed myself until turn 4 when I put down a Snapjaw. Buffed him with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire on turn 5 so he was buffed to 14/14. From then on I didn't even try to clear the board as Noth had minions with 1 or 2 attacks anyway so I decided to rush him. One turn I had to use Holy Fire to heal myself a little more to be on the safe side to handle a big threat in case of him having Ice Block. But of course in order to test for Counterspell I used Silence first and then Holy Fire. I went full face with my minion and healed myself as much as possible. Noth had Ice Block on my lethal so I waited for the next turn to kill him off. I still had my second Holy Fire, Holy Nova and some cheap spell to trigger Counterspell if he were to get one so it was GG for me no matter how it played out. So even if he used Plague to wipe the board I still had lethal next turn unless he got another Ice Block of course. If there was an annoying minion I wanted to clear I used Shadow Word Pain on it. This encounter is pretty basic for priests. You just need those 3 vital cards early on then the chances of you losing are pretty slim.

So basically I only used 1 minion to kill Noth, I didn't need to play any other minion but the deck is strong enough to finish off especially with buffs even if Noth for some reason decides to trade minions or use Plague. And if you can't have lethal with a minion after bringing him down to 5 or 2 health range, you still have enough cheap spells to trigger Counterspell (if he has it) and Holy Nova, Holy Fire or Holy Smite to finish off. Good luck!

Ps 1: Don't mind the name of my deck. My standard Priest deck has Thoughtsteal, Mind Vision, Shadow Madness and Cabal Shadow Priest so the name suits that play. I didn't change the name for different deck variations for Naxxramas bosses.

Ps 2: Heigan the Unclean heroic guide is coming up later on today. I still haven't tried Loatheb at all though.

Curse of Naxxramas Plague Quarter Launch Problems Continue!!

Hello, I know it's been about a week since my last post and recently most of them have been about Hearthstone. I assure you I have more reviews coming up from Valiant Hearts The Great War to Angry Birds Epic. I just haven't had enough time to write those reviews yet. Also mostly my days are filled with Hearthstone so I feel like writing about it more than anything else for the moment as I am not even watching any movies to write reviews on.

Anyway enough with the cheap excuses behind my slacking now let's get to the real issue at hand here. Today marks the launch of the second wing, that is Plague Quarter, for the highly anticipated Hearthstone new Adventure Mode Curse of Naxxramas. However, again especially us on EU servers are faced with some incredibly annoying and serious problems. Though unlike last week, this time the problem was far more serious than some crashes, freezes or lags. No, this was a really big fail for Blizzard and currently Hearthstone forums are filled with complaints. For someone who has NEVER opened a thread on any official Blizzard forums, even I felt the need to open up a thread and pour my heart out like I'm about to do here.

Apparently there is some error with purchasing the new wing. What's worse is that you might end up not unlocking the wing successfully as there is a problem affecting the purchase authorization system and what's EVEN worse than that is you might end up losing your gold like I did. I had approximately 2350 gold saved up before I bought the wing. Authorization failed about 4 times until on my 5th attempt authorization was finally complete. However, of course incredibly excited poor old me wasn't aware of what was about to happen. Now I am down to 250g.............

So let's do some basic math. I am not even good at math but Hearthstone makes one good at counting and adding up numbers as missing a lethal could be pretty embarrassing right? I had 2350 gold before I purchased the wing. The wing costs 700g. So 2350-700=1650. I currently have 250g left for some reason. So 1400g has just VANISHED! 1400g is a lot of work and I spent MONTHS to save up as much as 2350.

There is a blue post saying that the technical team is aware of the issue and they are investigating the subject. I'm afraid there is still yet to be a blue post indicating the affected accounts be somehow compensated. So we still have no way of knowing if we'll have our gold back. Some people are saying that they got a 700g refund but even that is unacceptable for me because I lost 1400g not 700 so I want all of it back. If not I want 7 Expert Packs AND 700g for compensation.

So yea in short another devastating launch day for us poor losers on EU servers. I'm just sick and tired of these problems and how they always manage to affect EU and not any other server. Don't get me wrong, I don't want players from other servers to face these problems but it's always EU experiencing such issues. Apply yourself Blizzard, if you don't compensate people for this mistake you will lose a lot of players. I for one might leave if I get 0 in return for my 1400g loss. 

As for Plague Quarter, it's the most entertaining and at the same time the most annoying thing Blizzard has ever created for Hearthstone. I managed to bring down Noth the Plaguebringer on Heroic Difficulty pretty easily on my 3rd attempt with a fairly basic Priest deck. I probably was incredibly lucky too in the process. I'll work on heroic Heigan and Loatheb tomorrow but of course I can't guarantee that I'll be able to kill them as they are quite tricky; however, I plan on writing a short and easy to understand guide on Noth Heroic Difficulty tomorrow with a screenshot of the deck I used. So until then, good night and have fun my fellow readers <3

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Working as Intended, Another Typical Launch Day for Blizzard!

Hello everyone. You must be wondering what the hell I am doing on my blog instead of playing Curse of Naxxramas. I mean it has just been launched 2 hours ago or something right? Well let me tell you why; EU servers are down like they always are on launch days of Blizzard titles. However, very few EU players who were lucky enough to get through to the main menu now have to face further problems from crashes to freezes and not to mention endless lags. In short, the game is currently unplayable for us.

All the money Blizzard makes, one would at least expect them to stop neglecting the EU servers for once but no, it is the step child here. Nothing happens on NA or Asia servers, they are perfectly fine on any given launch day; however, things take a turn for the much worse for us on EU servers. We need more love Blizzard!

After clearing the Arachnid Quarter on normal mode and completing the rogue and druid class challenges (hardly due to lags, a lot of crashes and freezes), I started trying out some heroics but well the game decided to become completely inaccessible. Right now I have been stuck on main screen for about 45 minutes. Instead of trying out the game myself, I have to make do with watching other people play the game on their streams. How wonderful.

So yea, I can't do anything else so I thought to myself; "Why not rant about it on my blog?" so I came here to do just that! If you are one of the lucky ones to be playing the game at the moment, I envy you. Please enjoy the game. Someone has to anyway right? Meanwhile millions of us EU players will keep on watching streams because there is nothing else to do.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

FX Renews Fargo!!!!!!!!!

Fargo, one of the best things that happened to TV alongside Breaking Bad and The Wire, is picked up for a second season by FX. The new season will have brand new characters with a whole new cast and the new season is set to begin in Fall 2015. The story will take place in a new time period and it's supposed to be based on a different true crime. Although, I am questioning whether it was a right decision to renew this fantastic miniseries. Why? I didn't even think it needed renewing, did you?

Well, Fargo has definitely earned its place among the hallmarks of television. It was top notch in acting, writing and any other quality you can think of. Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton and Allison Tolman have all given the performance of a lifetime. It was a home run and all the nods from various awards also clearly prove this. However, this is the exact reason I am not that excited by this news.

The standard set by Fargo and its brilliant cast was way too high that I don't think anything else can even come near it. I believe that the new cast alongside a new storyline will hurt the name of the show. Fargo holds a very dear deep place in my heart and I really hope that the new season will not hurt this. Fargo's first season already had one of the best finales I have ever witnessed from a TV show. I believe that it was a great ending to a great series so I can't help but wish for it to be the "final ending". Some things just have to end when they are at their absolute prime so noone will get to see its downfall.

But I really am hoping that I will eat my words. I really hope the new season will set even a higher standard that I will regret saying these things and being this much prejudiced. But of course this will all be in the hands of the new actors. The executive producer and writer Noah Hawley will also return for the next season so I have no doubt that the writing will be as fantastic as the first season. So basically yea, it's all up to the casting now! Don't let us down please!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas Loatheb Legendary Card Revealed!

We haven't seen a new card from Curse of Naxxramas for some time now after Hunter class card was revealed. However, what you are about to see can be a great asset when used at the exact right time. It has the potential to stop Miracle Rogues, Freeze Mages, Druid's Force of Nature and Savage Roar combo. Well it can be a counter to many other possibilities as well. Don't get overexcited though, it can do that for only one turn.

Loatheb itself will also have a strong presence on the board even without its battlecry. 5/5 body for 5 mana is not bad at all. But of course with this card it is all about the battlecry. It has the potential to delay or even stop many classes. From a Rogue perspective, just to destroy it with a basic Backstab and Eviscerate you need 12 mana alone! Or if you have a weapon up, Backstab and Deadly Poison will cost 11 mana! But of course this is only for one turn but it will still put up a giant wall for spell heavy decks for one turn and we know how much of a difference that only one turn can make with certain classes.

Loatheb is the last boss in Plague Quarter and this wing will be released as the second wing on July 29 after Arachnid Quarter opens its gates on July 22. The long wait is almost over!

Which Hearthstone Card are You?

Blizzard has just released a new fun quiz for us Hearthstone fans to "discover our true self". By answering simple and fun 10 questions, we can find out which Hearthstone card represents our personality the best. In order to take the Inkeeper's quiz you must first have a Facebook account, I was pretty disappointed when I found out about this but I activated my account just to take it. You can take the quiz here.

After answering 10 questions, all of which involved a lot of murloc eating as answers, I mean how can you even eat murlocs they are like the cutest things; I found out that I am a Faceless Manipulator. 

It's actually a match made in heaven. My personality really is like what Faceless Manipulator can do in the game. I am not as evil as it depicts me in the description though; but I am no angel either! :P Let me elaborate a little bit. Faceless Manipulator can copy any minion along with all the extra buffs. I am exactly like that, I copy the behaviour of other people. If someone ignores me, I ignore them back. If someone is offensive towards me, I get offensive towards them. If someone is laid back and defensive, I become just like that and wait for that person to make the first movie. Although I won't lie, most of what it says on the card description is true about me :P What better card can represent me in Hearthstone other than Faceless Manipulator? It's very fitting. :D Feel free to share your own results :)