Sunday, 24 May 2015

First Look at Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biopic, starring Michael Fassbender as the late-former Apple CEO has a new teaser trailer and to be perfectly honest, I am loving it! 

I personally don't think Steve Jobs needs movies made in his name; however, this doesn't mean I will not see or appreciate the any work related to him. Especially if one of these projects involves Michael Fassbender!!! From the trailer, it is clear that the role fits him like a glove. He will definitely make a great Steve Jobs and this trailer has gotten me quite excited about the incoming movie.

Here is the Steve Jobs Teaser, enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Nightcrawler Review: Evil Always Wins

Nightcrawler is a movie I was very hyped about and I finally got a chance to see it some time ago. However, due to some stuff that has been happening in my life, as well as a lot of GTA Online sessions, I haven't really had the opportunity to write a review for it. Until now. 

Nightcrawler tells the story of Louis Bloom, superbly portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal (Oscar snub, helloooo??), who "crawled" his way into crime journalism to turn the misery of crime victims into a money making opportunity.

As a character Louis is driven, very ambitious and not to mention a criminal. He has characteristics you would find on a psychopath, although there is a debate on this. Some people are of the opinion that he has Asperger's Syndrome while some call it mild Autism. The way I see him, he is a classic case of psychopath who sees people either as opportunities that would help him reach his goal or as obstacles that need to be overcome to open up the way for his success.

Nightcrawler can be hard to watch at times in that it shows us how the world really works. The movie is too real and it is just spooky to even imagine someone who would use you like tool. But life is full of people like that right? That is exactly why this movie can be difficult to get through because it doesn't let us escape the reality of the world for the sake of our entertainment. It absorbs us in it.

Louis is the type of character that wouldn't even help you or call an ambulance unless it affected him in a positive way. In Nightcrawler we watch Louis plan and arrange his own crime scenes to catch exclusive footage to sell for higher rewards. He won't help you even if are on the brink of death but he will make sure you look your best on camera on your dying breath. He won't follow any rules and he will not hesitate to enter crime scenes even before the police arrives. He will also sabotage and eliminate competition including his own "business partners".

So if you as a viewer always seek a likable protagonist to maybe relate to; Nightcrawler is NOT the movie for you. Or if you want to escape from the real world and you want to see flowers and rainbows with happy endings where the princess marries the prince, avoid Nightcrawler. Because even the ending is a bitter pill to swallow as we witness how such a psycho manages to come to power and improve his business even more as he eliminates his competitions one by one while taking advantage of victims. Nightcrawler is the type of movie that will make you think twice about making an honest living. 

Nightcrawler is a very unique and original movie that will truly entertain a very niche demographic. Jake delivers possibly the best performance of his acting life and I can't wrap my head around the fact this movie didn't get any Oscar nods, because it really deserved it. This movie is easily getting full points from me! 5/5!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Justin Bieber Joins Zoolander 2?? PLEASE NO!!!!!!

I was very excited when Zoolander 2 was announced. I became really happy and hyped about the movie and I already started dreaming about how much fun I would have once this crazy movie is released. Well, this entertaining dream I excitedly anticipated turned into a disgusting nightmare when Justin Bieber announced on his Twitter page that he joined Zoolander 2 for an unspecified role.

The only consolation I have is that his role will be a very short one and it won't have a big impact on the movie. So basically I am in denial. I have to erase his involvement from my mind, otherwise I will get to a point that I won't even want to watch the movie! Why?? WHY??? I wish this was a bad joke...

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Assassin's Creed Starring Michael Fassbender will Begin Shooting in September

In an interview Michael Fassbender, my current heartthrob, yum yum, announced the production date for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie, a project us gamers are quite excited about. Michael Fassbender says Assassin's Creed movie will begin shooting in September. The movie already had a preset release date; Dec. 21, 2016.

However, this was the only real information that came out of his beautiful mouth (uhm ok I need to snap out of it!). He also had something to say to us who speculated that he would play AC's main protagonist in the first few games, Desmond Miles; “You don’t know that. Don’t listen to what they tell you, that’s the first rule.” This statement itself stinks of the evil Templars spewing out lies in AC games :P Mr. Fassbender admitted he hasn't played Assassin's Creed before but I guess he familiarised himself with the story :) I like that! :P

Desmond Miles
So basically we don't know the character or characters that Michael will be playing in the movie. We also don't know if the story will loosely be based on a specific game or if it will be totally independent as he had this to say about the plot of the movie: “That’s always the challenge of something that’s so dense, to really find something and pare it down and basically, there are so many elements to it, so trying to translate that to an audience, you have to pick key things,”. Thanks for nothing Michael! :P

Games that are carried to the big screen are notorious for being flops. Let's hope Assassin's Creed will not share the same fate. Although, even if it ends up being bad, Assassin's Creed, one of my most favourite games, and Michael Fassbender, *coughs* my celebrity crush *coughs*, are paired together. What more can a girl like me want? Hmm I was going to say nothing but now that I think of it, Andrew Scott in a supporting role would be pretty sweet!!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Jupiter Ascending Review: Avoid At All Costs!!

A couple of days ago I had to stay at my brother's place where he showed me the movies he currently had. I scanned all the movies and to be perfectly honest, none of them really caught my attention so I decided to make do with Jupiter Ascending because it's a movie I'd never actually watch if I were alone, and there were a lot of hype surrounding the movie so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see it.

But it did! I mean it did hurt! A lot! The movie was so utter rubbish that it actually hurt me because I spent my 2 hours watching that total garbage. I normally don't write reviews of movies I don't really like. Jupiter Ascending is different because I hated it so much that I wanted to get rid of this hatred I stored inside me.

Jupiter Ascending follows the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) who discovers her fate as an heiress of the planet Earth. Before she found out about her royal roots she was cleaning toilets. I am talking about actually cleaning toilets... Meanwhile Balem Abrasax (Eddie Redmayne) is out to kill Jupiter because he has control of Earth and when he finds out about Jupiter's existence, he wants to eliminate any claim she will have on Earth. During this ordeal she is protected by Caine Wise (Channing Tatum), a hired soldier, whose mission is to find Jupiter and bring her to Titus Abrasax, Balem's brother. (Uhh talking about the plot is just as boring as the movie)...

Let me start the actual hate now... First of all; do not expect any "decent" acting. Even Oscar winning Eddie Redmayne, his daft whispers and all his lines are tough to get through. I really don't understand how he could have picked this movie...He is sort of in demand, surely he can find another movie to get some money from! As for Mila Kunis or Channing Tatum I can't talk because there needs to be some form of acting if one wants to talk about it. Theirs were non-existent. It felt like Jupiter was Descending more and more after every scene rather than Ascending like the title suggests...

Second of all; the special effects? Really? Most of the movie looked like a poor game made out of billions of pixels. It felt like I was punishing my eyes for some reason. I really wanted to wear glasses after the movie was over. The funny thing is, I don't even use glasses... The movie has an expensive "feel" to it but believe me it "looks" nothing but cheap...

Thirdly; did you read my very very short summary about the plot? This should be enough.

Fourth; skates??? Of all the things that a much higher technology from another galaxy could achieve, they came up with flying skates (gravity boots in fancier words) for Channing Tatum's character??? Skates???? And a shield????

Fifth; a love story that is shoved down our throats: I agree, this is something that is done on a lot of movies. But in Jupiter Ascending the "love" story felt incredibly forced. It became too disturbing to watch at some point that I actually looked at the clock to see when the movie would be over just as our main characters started kissing... 

With non-existent acting, terrible dialogues, poor plot, incredibly bad cinematography, a romantic story line that is so forced that it feels like it's shoved down our throats; Jupiter Ascending has no quality that would be its saving grace. Unless shirtless Channing Tatum or Mila Kunis' face is your thing. If so you'll love the movie for sure. I still can't wrap my head around how Channing ended up being shirtless 80% of the movie...If that's what they wanted to focus on, all the rest of the qualities that make a good movie would naturally be missing.

Ok, I am sure you will agree that this review was nothing like I have ever written before. Because as I mentioned earlier, I write reviews of stuff that I enjoy and therefore want to recommend. This is different, I merely wanted you to steer clear of this movie because believe me it will be a waste of your time. If there is ONE thing we can learn from Jupiter Ascending; it is that time is the most important commodity (it is the most expensive and important resource in the movie) that we have in our lives, so don't waste it like I did and avoid this movie at all costs!!!!


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Call of Duty Black Ops III Reveal Trailer: Enough with the Futuristic Rubbish!

Activision's upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops III just revealed its trailer and I must admit that I am quite unhappy with it! Judging by the comments on Youtube, I am not alone either.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, we are facing yet another very futuristic Call of Duty gameplay. The robots in the trailer feels like they have been stolen from the movie Elysium. Not to mention the bow from Halo. 

I am really tired of this futuristic rubbish; these high functioning, top technology EXO suits, these unrealistic and totally dull "super" powers... The recent Call of Duty games have all been taking this path and it's getting tiresome. Yes, I get it; technology is advancing every day and that's great. But I don't want that being reflected on every single FPS. All these games with different titles end up giving us the exact same gameplay.

I really miss the first Call of Duty games with WW II story line. Remember when we had to take down guards with our sniper rifles instead of pushing a button to activate some kind of stealth cloak? Remember when we had to fight our way through relentless enemy troops instead of skipping them with our borderline ridiculous suits equipped with boost jumps or grappling hooks? Remember those exhilarating tank battles that later turned into one-shotting every vehicle with some over the top "suit"? Remember when we actually had to target to be able to take down enemies with our grenades before they became "smart" enough to target by themselves? Now those were good times!! 

Will I play Call of Duty Black Ops III? Hell yea, but will I enjoy it? I am quite pessimistic about that... I really didn't enjoy Advanced Warfare either. The only tolerable factor in that game was Kevin Spacey and he was the only reason why I kept playing the game until I finished it!!!!! <3

After my ranting, check out the Reveal Trailer below:


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ben Affleck Looks "Super" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser!

Warner Bros. released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming DC Comics superhero movie; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I must admit it looks magnificent. The plot of the movie is still unknown and the trailer makes it remain so while adding even more to the mystery.

The are two things that completely struck me while watching this teaser.

1 is how fantastic the new mech type of Batman costume looks. I have watched all Batman movies and my personal opinion is that Ben Affleck's Batman costume is the best one so far. He looks quite buffed up in it too (I swear I am not drooling!) :P

2 is Ben Affleck's positively insane Batman voice. I wasn't a fan of Christian Bale's Batman voice in Nolan's movies; however, Ben Affleck sounds incredible!

To me these two factors hint that Ben Affleck is gonna prove everyone who criticised him for being the new Batman wrong! I am rooting for him all the way. On the other hand people should leave Ben alone and criticise Henry Cavill for being completely terrible...

Now the only distraction in this movie will be Henry Cavill's overly subpar acting (That's coming from an ex Henry Cavill fan who has seen ALL his movies). I'm pretty sure I'll cringe during some scenes but I'm positive that Ben Affleck will steal scenes anyway so I won't complain too much. I also hope that there won't be some stupid love story for our characters to pursue... 

Ps: I hope Batman wins... Superman is such a bore! Make him bleed!!

Watch the teaser below: