Bayern Munich Wins UEFA Super Cup!!

2013 UEFA Super Cup, which is the 38th UEFA Super Cup so far, was played at Eden Arena in Prag tonight! The kick-off was between the two reigning champions in Europe: Bayern Munich, champions of UEFA Champions League and Chelsea, champions of UEFA Europa League. Here is an interesting fact about this match. The Super Cup will be played for the first time between teams that were consecutive winners of UEFA Champions League. 2012/13 Champions League was won by Bayern Munich while 2011/12 cup was lifted by Chelsea that oddly enough defeated Bayern Munich in a penalty shoot-out. This is also the first time that the Super Cup takes place in a city other than Monaco. Next year the competition will be carried to Cardiff.

This match is particularly exciting because biggest rivals in the history of football will be against each other once again. Only this time as the head of different teams. Mourinho VS Guardiola! This will never get old or boring no matter which team they manage :D

Here is the starting 11 for both of the teams:

Bayern Munich: Manuel Neuer, Rafinha, Jérôme Boateng, Dante, David Alaba, Philipp Lahm (c), Toni Kroos, Arjen Robben, Thomas Müller, Franck Ribéry, Mario Mandžukić

Chelsea: Petr Čech, Branislav Ivanović, Gary Cahill, David Luiz, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard (c), Ramires, André Schürrle, Oscar, Eden Hazard, Fernando Torres

In a thrilling match in which both teams were equally strong, the first goal came from a beautiful finish by Torres after only 8 minutes into the first half. Ribery responded Torres with a fantastic strike, leaving Cech completely helpless in the second half at 47th minute. When the clocks showed 85th minute, Ramires received his second card leaving his team with 10 players on the pitch in such a crucial time especially as the game was leading to added time. There were some tension rising between the players afterwards but the team captains successfully calmed their team-mates. Ribery got really close to scoring again at 87th minute but the ball brushed past the right post. There were 3 minutes of stoppage time after 90 minutes. As the winner wasn't decided after 90 minutes, the match went to overtime.

After 2 minutes in first half of the extra added time Eden Hazard scored a magnificent goal. He created the chance all by himself, sending the ball between two Munich players! Amazing, what a great goal! Being ineffective Bayern Munich tried to rise from the ashes as a phoenix as they pushed harder in the second half of the extra added time but they were stopped by Cech. He made a couple of superb saves which probably decided the fate of the game. John Terry was put into game in Hazard's place at 112th minute to secure the defence even better.  Literally in the LAST SECOND Bayern Munich scored a goal thanks to Javi Martinez. Don't forget that the ball is round, this is football and Germany always wins. Germany is always known for their last second goals! And I mean literally last second!

As the results showed a draw of 2-2 between the two teams even after extra added time, the champion had to be decided upon a penalty shoot-out. Both of the goalkeepers are pretty strong when it comes to penalties in general so we were in for a treat! Chelsea already beat Bayern in a penalty shoot-out before so let's see if they'll be able to manage that again to add another silverware to their collection. 

First four penalties of both teams found the net although Cole's penalty almost gave Chelsea supporters a heart attack as it hit the post before passing the line.  Bayern scored the fifth penalty but Chelsea missed so Bayern Munich with the lead of Guardiola took home trophy! Guardiola just won his 3rd Super Cup, making him the manager who won it the most!

The referee Jonas Eriksson was pretty generous with his yellow cards as they were flying in the air. There were a total of 10 yellow cards in the match. Franck Ribery, Gary Cahill, David Luiz, Jérome Boateng, Fernando Torres, Romelu Lukaku, Ashley Cole have all received yellow cards. Ramires received two yellow cards which ultimately became a red one. Robben was pulled from the game at 95th minute as he was pretty much inffective against the English team. First goalscorer of the match, Torres was substituted at 97th minute. Except for the goal he was not exactly shining either. Petr Cech was definitely the man of the match with his magnificent saves despite letting the last one reach the net! Although Neuer saved the last penalty which ultimately led to Bayern Munich winning the cup. So I guess that makes him the hero? Well, why not :D

Especially towards the end of the game Bayern Munich started to show signs of exhaustion against the highly energetic Chelsea. For the most part, the game was balanced but towards the end Chelsea started to pull its weight. Bayern Munich attacked but all their efforts were rendered fruitless thanks to Chelsea's defence. Although they showed great signs of revival in the last 10 minutes of extra added time and they kept pushing adding great pressure on Chelsea but they were stopped again by the giant goalkeeper Petr Cech. However all that pressure finally paid off and Martinez managed to score in the last second of the match. And by beating Chelsea in a highly competitive penalty shoot-out, the Super Cup will be making its way to Germany!

While I supported Bayern Munich to win, I'd still like to congratulate Chelsea for their hard work. It was a thrilling match to watch and both teams were brilliant.

Congratulations to Bayern Munich and their supporters!